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Company of Heroes 2 Hack Tool (Minimap, Teleport, Esp Cheat)

UNDETECTED Company of Heroes 2 Hack Tool

 Last Version: 15/01/2023

 Developers: rmzn0#9160

Company of Heroes 2 Hack Tool is a cheat with radar minimap / map hack, view distance unlocker and veto hack that lets you ban any map. For esp you have to set the matrix offset for “64” Some tutorial video for radar and teleport hack: (different game, but works the same).

Features of Company of Heroes 2 Hack Tool

  • maphack (semi,minimap)
  • property editor (All player)
  • resource overlay
  • zoom hack
  • teleport hack
  • radar hack
  • esp (test only, not finished)

Company of Heroes 2 Hack Tool Videos:

  • COH2 teleport tool
  • COH2 radar2d

Compete as the commander of the Soviet Red Army and free Mother Russia from enemy invaders in brutal frontline battles! Adapt your tactics to the harsh weather conditions and demonstrate the ruthless might of the Soviet Empire as it advances towards Berlin.

How to use Company of Heroes 2 Hack

  1. start the game
  2. start the Company of Heroes 2 Hack Tool as administrator
  3. activate the Company of Heroes 2 Hack Tool when in game
  4. For other free cheats, you can use the search section of our website.

Config usage:

  • appType:
  • 0 = Console application , hotkeys only
  • 1 = Desktop application with menu
  • 2 = Overlay application with menu (press INSERT for clickable overlay)

About Company of Heroes 2

The Company of Heroes 2 series, powered by Essence Engine 3.0, has unique features that will reward careful gamers. The TrueSight™ system simulates the line of sight of units and an intelligent overlay system encourages sensible unit placement.

company of heroes 2tm ardennes assault buy cdkey 3

In addition, the ‘strong counter’ and ‘soft counter’ weapon and tactical mix gameplay allows you to think carefully about whether attacking a tank with a rifle is really worth it. are not. Each game offers the player a multitude of logical tactical options that can be used to decisively influence the course of the war.

NB: With the multiplayer expansion, you can face any player with a COH2 game on any map.
In the main game of Company of Heroes 2, two multiplayer armies of the Eastern Front are available: the Red Army (SOV) and the Eastern Wehrmacht Army (GER). In addition, a challenging single player campaign is available here to familiarize you with the basics of the series.

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Comments (2)

  1. 191748

    Could not get it to work.. I injected using Xenos, process selection new, on RelicCOH2.exe, with 2 second delay. Do I need to press a button to activate the map reveal?

  2. 183119

    Which injector to use? I cant seem to get it working.

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