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 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Daniel Argoni, fix by btc

Hello dear CheaterMAD members, I will show you the legit csgo cheat, the corsair cheat, in this article. This cheat was made by corsair and is a nice cheat for those who really want to play legit. You can use this to increase your smurf account to prime status.


Anyway, I’m leaving the wave. Now let’s talk a little bit technical. The main issue in this cheat is to play legit, as I said above. In other words, to play without revealing your cheat to other players. In this way, you will not be banned, and you will play the game with fun. It is a perfect situation for me to have this LEGIT CHEAT because it is both free and my friend’s cheat. So I can trust him and sell my smurf account for prime status. Want an easy money-making method? Here you go, method xD.

I recommend using this free csgo corsair legit cheat. It doesn’t seem like much trouble, and it just came out. I hope the developer continues to update. Go to the discord server!

The main functions that are present in the hack:

  • LegitBot with this feature, you can customize your shooting and make it perfectly accurate.
  • Visuals with this feature, you can use beautiful visual effects, esp, wallhack, and all the functionality that will help you display your enemies through textures on the map.
  • SkinChanger with this feature, you can choose any private skin for weapons for free.
  • System Configs and much more.

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  1. 37969

    This is my favourite, not until i saw that: i tried to inject it, but i waited a few seconds and the game crashed, please fix. Or if i did something wrong just reply and say what i possibly did wrong.

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