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CS 1.6 Skin Changer and View Model Changer

OUTDATED CS 1.6 Skin Changer

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: puttevigaa

CS 1.6 Skin Changer, we have changed the counter strike 1.6 version, which is the beautiful game that made the csgo game in that unique game we used to play. In fact, it is hardly a cheat because all it does is change your skins and view models. This is a very good option because even in cs 1.6 you can use skins available in CS 1.6 Skin Changer , even skin models found in other fps games around the world.

There is not much to tell in the cheat. As I said, the cheat only changes your skins and view models. If you want to download the cheat, you can download it from the red download button below. Now let’s get to how to do the cheat.

How to Use CS 1.6 Skin Changer:

  • Download the .rar
  • Extract to Desktop
  • Open Loader.exe and ENJOY

If you have problems with cheating or want to talk to us about new cheats, you can come to our discord server!

It’s that simple to do the cheat. Please don’t forget to support us with more cheats. You can support us completely free of charge by telling your friends or clicking on ads. Enjoy the cheats and take control of the game. This is a good thing for everyone 🙂

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