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CS2 AimStar External Cheat v4.4.3

OUTDATED CS2 AimStar External Cheat

 Last Version: 02/05/2024

 Developers: CowNowK

If you are looking for a cheat for Counter Strike 2 you have come to the right place, CS2 AimStar External Cheat is a new project developed by CowNowK. this project was developed through the CS2 External Hack Source Code that we present to you on our website and in fact all public credits go to the developer named TKazer!

Using this free counter strike 2 hack is pretty simple, just run the exe file you downloaded as an administrator after launching the cs2 game and enjoy rank boosting in counter-strike 2!

cs2 aimstar external cheat

Features of CS2 AimStar External Cheat

These awesome CS2 AimStar External Cheat features will give you an advantage over your opponents, but the aimbot feature will increase your risk of getting banned so use at your own risk.

If you are looking for a cs2 cheat or hack with more features, you can browse our category

  • ESP:
  • Aimbot:
  • Misc:

  • BoxESP
  • BoneESP
  • NameESP
  • WeaponESP
  • SexyESP
  • HealthBar
  • SnapLine
  • EyeRay

  • Draw Fov
  • Bone
  • Smooth
  • RCS

  • Radar
  • Styles
  • Radar Proportion
  • Radar Range
  • Triggerbot
  • Headshot Line
  • Crosshair
  • Team Check
  • OBS Check
  • Visibility Check
  • Window Style

How to use CS2 AimStar External Cheat

  1. Download this Free CS2 Simple External Hack
  2. Unzip the archive (winrar pass: 123)
  3. Open CS2 Game
  4. Change game screen to “Fullscreen Windowed”
  5. Open AimStar.exe from the folder
  6. Boom!! Enjoy it!!
  7. Menu Show/Hide: HOME

AimStar 4.3.9 Patch Notes

  • Hit Marker
  • Updated ESP
  • Better armor bar
  • Better snap line
  • Fixed jump throw
  • Fixed triggerbot delay
  • Fixed config bug

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Comments (40)

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  1. 574999

    IT SAYS it cand find something and that redownload would work but no so no work man

  2. 395667

    but the cheats to the top corner then doesn work

  3. 539822

    pls update cheat giving error ne cs2 update

  4. 186135

    been using it in my prime account for over 3 months now and works perfect would recommend

  5. 524188

    If I’m careful what’s the percent chance I’ll get blocked?

  6. 277211

    work fine .but aim bot need little improvement.
    anyone want to ask me in discord #demonapex

  7. 509788

    bro keep updating the date but im try it still erorr i dont know whats wrong

  8. 27255

    I don’t know how to fix it but cmd opens and then closes but it doesn’t inject the cheat

  9. 506520

    It dosent even work anymore , i opened cs 2 and then the hack i pressed home nothing happend

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