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CS2 External Triggerbot Cheat | Undetected Python Hack [Added ESP Features]

UNDETECTED CS2 External Triggerbot Cheat

 Last Version: 12/05/2024

 Developers: imrazvan

The CS2 External Triggerbot Cheat is a Python script that runs outside of the game and memory reading to detect enemies on your screen. When it detects an enemy, it automatically triggers your mouse click, making you shoot faster and more accurately.

Added New Features;

  • BoxEsp
  • BoxColor
  • BoxEnemyColor
  • BackgroundBox
  • DrawHealthBar
  • LineEsp
  • LineColor
  • HeadEsp
  • HeadColor
  • TeamEsp
  • Triggerbot
  • triggerbotOnSameTeam
  • triggerKey

What is the CS2 External Triggerbot Cheat?

The CS2 External Triggerbot Cheat works by using the pymem library to ONLY read memory values from the game process. This allows it to access information like your position, angle etc. It then uses this information to calculate when to exactly shoot. It then calculates the distance between your crosshair and the enemy head and moves your mouse accordingly. It also simulates a mouse click when the crosshair is close enough to the enemy head, making you shoot pretty much instantly.

cs2 external triggerbot cheat

How to Use the The CS2 External Triggerbot Cheat?

The cheat is not very hard to use, but you will need some basic knowledge of how to install Python and CS2 to customize it according to your preferences. You can change the settings like trigger distance, smoothness, fov, sensitivity, etc by modifying the code to add or remove features as you wish:

  1. Download the free CS2 hack from CheaterMad
  2. Once you have it downloaded and extracted using a program such as 7zip or WINRAR, make sure to also install Python (select “Add to PATH” during installation”)
  3. After that run the following command using CMD or Powershell: pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. You can now launch CS2 and run the Python script using Python as well
  5. Boom! Enjoy your triggerbot now!


To sum up, the CS2 External Triggerbot Cheat is a free Python hack for CS2 that can improve your aim and reaction time in the game.Ifyou are looking for software to start legit cheating and staying undetected, there are not a lot softwares to beat an external one like this. But if you want to rage and take it out on your enemies, you might also want to get a free internal CS2 hack as well.

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