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CS2 Inventory Changer | Skins, Knives, Cases & More

UNDETECTED CS2 Inventory Changer

 Last Version: 23/03/2024

 Developers: infimum

CS2 Inventory Changer is the only kind of cheating software you need for Counter-Strike 2 that will allow you to locally edit the items in your inventory while also allowing you to use it as a skin changer at the same time.

About the CS2 Inventory Changer

Just like most of the Counter Strike 2 players out there, you may not have a lot of skins or items in your inventory. As CS2 cases as well as keys have become extremely expensive lately, not everyone can afford to purchase such items. With this hacking tool, you can get any skin, knife or glove that you desire. This means that if you want to fool your friends, you can even add items such as cases and keys just so that others think your inventory is filled with such items, which will make your profile look completely rich!

But that is not it! With this free CS2 hack you can actually locally equip these items, meaning that this CS2 Inventory Changer also serves as a skin changer that you can utilize in matches. You simply do not have to spend a dime to become a rich player with the best and most beautiful skins that you can both use in game as well as show off with by streaming your game on platforms like Twitch or Discord.

cs2 inventory changer

How to Use the CS2 Inventory Changer

If you have used any sort of.dll-based hack for Counter Strike 2 before, or any other game for that matter, you will see how easy it is to get started with this hack. All you have to do is follow these straightforward steps:

  1. First of all, download the cheat files by clicking on the download button below
  2. Once it has been completely downloaded, extract the files into a directory of your choice
  3. Make sure that you have an injector on your device that is capable of injecting .dll files into processes
  4. While Counter-Strike 2 is running, run the injector as well, select the .dll file that you have extracted and inject it into the game’s processes
  5. Use the menu’s hotkey to toggle it on and off
  6. Select the items that you want to add to your inventory
  7. You should now be able to see them in your inventory. If they are skins, knives or gloves, equip them like any other normal item
  8. Enjoy and have fun!

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    There are no cases so you lied

  2. 301260

    what hotkey to open it ?

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