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CS2 Primordial Crack Cheat | Best Rage Hack for Counter-Strike 2

CRACK CS2 Primordial Crack Cheat

 Last Version: 29/03/2024

 Developers: Boghai

CS2 Primordial Crack Cheat is the pinnacle of Counter-Strike 2 hacking when it comes to legit and rage hacking in the game with the help of features such as aimbot, ESP, anti-aim, and so much more that is waiting for you to discover.

There is a big chance that you may have heard of the CS2 Primordial Crack Cheat, or at least the paid version. This free hack for Counter-Strike 2 had been a premium cheat that you had to pay for for a very long time, until it was cracked and reverse engineered by a developer. With all the mind blowing set of features that this cheat offers, no wonder many cheaters were eager to get their hands on it without paying a single dime. Now, with the help of this crack, that dream has come true, and you can enjoy every single bit of this hack for free, simply by downloading it from the button below and following the very simple instructions that we have laid out for you.

cs2 primordial crack cheat

What Can You Do With CS2 Primordial Crack Cheat?

And if you are curious about what exactly you can do with this cheat, here is an overview of the main feature sets that CS2 Primordial Crack Cheat offers and you can take advantage of without any fees whatsoever:

  • Ragebot
    • This allows you to unleash your power on your enemies with legitbot features that are improved, such as silent aimbot, anti-aim, fake-lag, resolver, triggerbot and so much more
  • Legitbot
    • This is the set of features that you should use if you are not playing against cheaters and are looking for a low-key way of cheating without getting caught by Valve, including features like aimbot, fov and bone settings, triggerbot, etc.
  • Skinchanger
  • Misc
  • And More

How to Use the CS2 Primordial Crack Cheat?

  1. First of all, start off by downloading the cheat by clicking on the download button you will find below
  2. Extract the downloaded .zip archive into any directory of your choice
  3. Then launch Counter-Strike 2 via Steam
  4. Make sure you have an injector on your device and inject the extracted .dll file into the game’s process with it
  5. Press Insert to toggle the menu on or off and activate any features you want from there
  6. Enjoy and have fun!

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  1. 542963

    I cant wait for the update this menu is so good man

  2. 564421

    Work but now on this cs2 update Outdated, Update them.

  3. 563201

    I’m using the cheat with the CSinjector. But everytime i’m in the game it randomly crashes

  4. 562451

    the cheat works but the config folder is not created, when I make any config adjustments, when I say save, the folder is not created, can you help?

  5. 187830

    for people who want to know how to paste a cfg

    (i have the game in D)D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\game\bin\win64
    Name of the saved Cfg is:pslot1
    but if you dont find this then you dont have a cfg saved (sorry for my bad english)

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