CSGhost v4.2.1 – Best CS:GO Bypassing Injector


 Version: 4.2.1 (BETA)

 Developers: KittenPopo

CSGhost v4.2.1 injector is a virtually invisible injector for csgo as the name suggests. With this csghost, you can inject any undetected csgo dll you want in csgo without getting caught. The newly released version of CSGhost v4.2.1 of csghost is truly legendary. With its simple design and advanced functionality, you have the tools you need to take the games under your control! This cheat is a csgo-only injector designed for csgo. The beta version has ended and I haven’t had any bans for about 15 days. However, be careful not to use this injector in your main accounts. Remember that people use tricks just for fun. You can download CSGhost v4.2.1  for free from our website. Don’t forget to check out our other csgo cheats. We continue to share popular game cheats for you every day.


Just open CS:GO, then run the injector and select DLL from an open file prompt. VAC injection doesn’t matter and you can go ahead and cheetz with a reasonable confidence factor.


– Try to work as an administrator. – Disable Windows Real-Time Protection, this can sometimes delete or block the injector. – Restart the game and try again. Information You can join our Corsair.wtf forum site and have a pleasant time with other members. If you need any help join our discord server. You will be supported as soon as possible. If you are a developer, you can share your cheats with us. If there are cheats or hacks you want to be featured on our website, you can share them with us “Here” .

Developer Note :
I have mostly finished development of CSGhost v4.2.1 , now featuring a full integrated VAC bypass that prevents you from getting VAC banned even with detected cheats.
CSGhost v4.2.1 aims to allow anyone to inject whatever cheats they choose without having to worry about VAC bans.
The VAC bypass is a module blocker for now, I plan to improve it greatly in the future.


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