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CSGO Cannon Loader | Best only-undetected cheats loader

OUTDATED featured

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Dony

[About the Loader]

CSGO Cannon Loader is a verry new cheat loader developed on 6/24/2021.
The hacks inside this loader is only undetected cheats! In feauture maybe i will add some detected cheats only for hvh.
It has a flat UI which it’s verry simple and compact.
More about this loader you will be descover yourself =).

[How to use]
Acctualy, it’s verry simple! You will just run the executable and he will do the all work.

[Cheats that contains]
7.Onetap v3 [Undetected Version]
More cheats coming soon

You will need to turn off antivirus! Why? Every cheater know that every cheat/cheat loade is detected by antivirus as being a virus even tho it isn’t…
So, dezactivate-it!

[In the feauture]
As soon as possible, i will add a VAC Bypass(i am working at it right now) plus a Injector compatible with all games.

If something didn’t work right or you want to me add a chat to loader, feel free to text me on discord “I am legit#1446”

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