csgo fake opening -

 Version: 1.0.0

 Developers: Beakers

CSGO fake opening

offers you very nice experiences. Thanks to this cheat, you will be able to open all the cases in the game for free. Are you a beginner broadcaster or are you making videos for YouTube? If your answer is yes, this program is special for you. Create interesting and relevant content with csgo fake opening. With this program, you can open any case in the game and thus create content from it. Viewers will be interested in how you spend money and open cases in the game, but other than that, you’re doing a show and you’re not paying for the cash register. You can also prank your friends live and much more. As the name suggests, this is a trick to open a fake safe and has very good functions.

In General, this program will not affect your game in any way, but you can create interesting content on opening cases in the csgo fake opening game. You will not be able to use skins in the csgo fake opening , and no one will see them in your profile. This program is for entertainment purposes only. Try it yourself by downloading it for free from our website.

– Open any create/capsule you want
– Support for tournaments crates
– Configure your chance to get items
– In-game configuration with ImGui


  • Inject the resulting library into the game
  • Press Insert to bring up the menu.
  • Create crate/keys you want to open
  • OPEN!


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