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Erika CSGO External MultiHack Free Download

OUTDATED Erika CSGO External MultiHack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Saivior1337

Hi, this Erika CSGO External MultiHack a completely new version and free. Having different features makes this CSGO cheat more special. As stated in the video below, you will hear a sound counting down from 10 when the bomb is set. With this hack, you can legitly boost your game and have a good rank in csgo. If you need support, we will be waiting for you on our discord server. (Click here)

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Features for Erika CSGO MultiHack Free Download:

  • Bunnyhop
  • Radar
  • Glow Esp (HealthBased)
  • SniperCrosshair
  • GrenadePrediction
  • TriggerBot
  • Map color (RGB)
  • Viewmodel offset
  • Fov changer
  • Hit sound
  • Bomb 10s alert

Erika CSGO External MultiHack Key binds:

  • Terminate cheat -> END
  • Bunnyhop -> F1
  • RadarHack -> F2
  • GlowESP -> F3
  • Force crosshair -> F4
  • Grenade Prediction -> F6
  • TriggerBot -> XBUTTON1
  • Map color (R) -> NUMPAD1
  • Map color (G) -> NUMPAD2
  • Map color (B)- > NUMPAD3
  • Local fov (-) -> NUMPAD4
  • Local fov (+) -> NUMPAD5
  • ChangeViewModelOffset (XY) -> LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN
  • ChangeViewModelOffset (Z) -> PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN
  • Save config -> F7
  • Load config -> F8

Offsets update Erika CSGO External:

To update offsets:
1. Download file with offsets (csgo.hpp) from official hazedumper repository.
2. Place file with offsets in folder with cheat.

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