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CSGO FluidAim – Full Internal Legit v3


 Last Version: 03/01/2022

 Developers: KittenPopo

Another free working cheat on CSGO FluidAim – Full Internal Legit using ImGui. Convenient cheat with a convenient menu, each function has its own hint and you will be able to figure out exactly what for what. A great option for those who do not need too much functionality, there are all the necessary functions for a legitimate game.

There is a separate tab for Aimbot settings, as well as a separate tab for visual settings and a separate tab for additional features such as: Bunnyhop, Rank Revealer, Save & Load Config, and so on. The cheat is new and well protected, the probability of getting a ban is very low, unless of course you shoot through the walls.   CSGO FluidAim – Full Internal Legit is an internal legit cheat with an advanced legit aimbot, decent ESP, and other common settings.


  • Aim always, on key, or while firing
  • Aim-FOV
  • Adjustable maximum turn speed
  • Smoothing Factor
  • Vertical Curving
  • Reaction Time
  • Hitbox Priority
  • Player ESP (Boxes, names, weapons, glow)
  • Player chams (visible and invisible)
  • FOV Slider
  • Third Person
  • Hand chams & Invisible hands
  • Custom Spread-Circle
  • Crosshair Recoil
  • Legit & Perfect Bunnyhop
  • Rank Revealer
  • Menu Sounds
  • Save & Load Config
  • Uninject button
  • Cheat Base: Modified CSGOSimple
  • Hooking Method: UD VTable
  • FluidAim v3 Alpha Build.
  • There are a few bugs.


  • Download the cheat from our website
  • Download any working injector from our site (Section: Injectors)
  • Implement the cheat using the injector in the game CS GO
  • Join discord server : https://dsc.gg/me

csgo fluidaim

Winrar Password: 123

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Comments (2)

  1. 54256

    works great man 🙂

  2. 38224

    legit menu doesnt open 🙁

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