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CSGO Free Script Hack | Undetected RCS, Triggerbot, Bhop & More

OUTDATED CSGO Free Script Hack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: PilgrimMites

CSGO Free Script Hack is a simple to use, non memory modifying script for CSGO that grants you no-recoil, triggerbot, bunny-hop, hotkeys and much more.

If you are looking for a way to improve your skills and performance in Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), one of the most popular and competitive first person shooter games in the world, you might be interested in trying out a CSGO free script hack. A script hack is a type of cheat that modifies your gameplay e to give you an advantage over your opponents. In this article, we will explain what a CSGO free script hack is, what features it offers, and why you might want to use it to improve yourself.

What is a CSGO Free Script Hack?

A CSGO free script hack is a cheat that runs in the background of your game and alters some of the game mechanics to give you an edge over your enemies. Unlike other types of CSGO cheats, such as aimbots or wallhacks, a script hack does not directly affect your vision, but rather changes how your weapons behave, how your character moves, and how you interact with the game environment.

What Features Does a CSGO Free Script Hack Offer?

A CSGO free script hack can offer various features that can enhance your gameplay and make you more effective in combat. Some of the most common and useful features are:

  • No recoil: This feature reduces or eliminates the recoil of your weapons, making them more accurate and stable. This means you can fire more shots without losing control of your aim or wasting bullets.
  • Triggerbot: This feature automatically fires your weapon when your crosshair is over an enemy, saving you time and effort. This can help you react faster and hit more shots, especially in close quarters or when using sniper rifles.
  • Bhop: This feature allows you to jump continuously and gain speed while moving, making you harder to hit and more agile. This can help you dodge bullets, escape from danger, or surprise your enemies with unexpected flanks or rushes.

csgo free script hack

How to Use the CSGO Free Script Hack

  1. Well, first of all, like you have to do it with any kind of software, downlaod it from below
  2. Once it has been downlaoded on your device, extract the files into a folder of your choice
  3. Install AHK if you haven’t done so already
  4. Run the according .ahk file using AHK and use the hotkeys mentioned below to activate the features
  5. Enjoy!

If you are having problems, try these:

  • Set windows sensitivity to middle (50%)
  • Disable windows acceleration
  • In CSGO console type m_rawinput 1 (or enable raw input)
    If you don’t set m_rawinput 1 the recoil and turnaround probably won’t work
  • Download NotePad++ and open .AHK with NotePad++ @ the top youll see encoding.
    Set to UTF-8 LE BOM


  • Menu = CTR + F1
  • BHOP = CTR + F2
  • Rapid Fire = CTR + F3
  • TriggerBot = CTR + F4
  • TurnAround = CTRL + T

Custom Keybinds

  • key_AK := “f5”
  • Key_M4A1 := “f6”
  • Key_M4A4 := “f7”
  • Key_Famas := “f8”
  • Key_Galil := “f9”
  • Key_UMP := “f10”
  • Key_AUG := “f11”
  • Key_SG := “f12”
  • Key_RCoff := “x”
  • key_180 := “V”
  • Key_zoom := “Alt”
  • Key_hold1 := “XButton1”
  • Key_hold2 := “XButton2”
  • Key_BHOP := “Space”


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