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CSGO KateBot Simple MultiHack – Fanbot 2023

OUTDATED CSGO KateBot Simple MultiHack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: AMXBus

Hi guys, CSGO KateBot Simple Multihack – Internal/External who is the Old School Hack and one of the oldest cheats. More than 5 years since this cheat was published. It is famous for its undetectable power and strength.
and it was detected only 2 times. and now it has been updated again. You can use this hack with confidence. You can fearlessly CSGO KateBot Simple MultiHack on your Main accounts, but be aware that this is a publicly available CSGO KateBot Simple MultiHack.

There is a to-do list that is constantly being updated in order to make this better; however, because I am working on it in my spare time, some things may not be added until much later, while others may never be added at all. It all depends on the voices, you know.

Features CSGO KateBot Simple Multihack

  • Aimbot
      • Adaptive humanizer with RCS
      • Flat with RCS
      • Smoothing
      • Rage (very basic)
  •  GlowESP
        • Static and Healthbased
        • Weapon Glow
        • Bomb Glow
        • C4 Glow (on ground and color coded timer when planted) – needs work
    • Triggerbot
    • Bhop
    • Chams (static and health based)
    • Radar
    • Night mode (if you do some late night haxes)
    • Quick reload (fake it like the pros)
    • Aspect Ratio
    • Grenade Prediction
    • Skybox Changer
    • View Model FOV
    • Disable Post Processing
    • Sniper Crosshair
    • Hit Sound (a true cod pro)
    • Basic Rank Reveal (print out in console)
    • Anti Flash
    • Skinchanger (very poopoo do not use)

There is an on going todo list of improving this but I’m doing this on my own time so some things might be added late some might never, depends on the voices ya know

      • Muiltipoint
      • Backtrack
      • Thirdperson
      • AntiAim
      • Make RCS independent
      • General fixes and improvements of some features and maybe some requests

Basic instructions for using this CSGO KateBot Simple MultiHack

The old config and storage dir will not work and is not compatible with this recode

  1. Create a folder in the root of your C part called FanBot
  2. Dir path should look like C:\FanBot
  3. Here you need to create a “Config.ini” file whose format (text inside) should look like this

Play around with the config values as you like and find a config that is right for you, or beg for a legit/better in this thread maybe people will share it for peenie points.

Please look at all of the features in the config before whining that something doesn’t work or works worse that something else. Most things are designed that way and the config that I provided is a test config so that uses values I use to test shit.

You need to inject the binary (dll) into a x32 (32bit) process that is not steam or CSGO

With how the injection works you shouldn’t have issues with public detected injectors but best be safe right (feel free to play with settings like scrambling and many methods as it should generally work with a wide variety) – driver loading not supported.

Developer Note of CSGO KateBot Simple MultiHack

Aye, you cr4ck lads and possibly one single lady, we have here a revival project of the well-known CSGO KateBot Simple MultiHack that was released by @klorik (all other credit for what is left and it’s base functionality can be found in that thread).
I have been putting off doing this for a while now so that I can get it “just right.” But since that isn’t going to take place, here we are. If enough people give me CSGO KateBot Simple MultiHack grief about it, I might finally be motivated to optimize and add more content.

I did some recoding, added some new features, and fiddled around with the injection method (now you should theoretically be able to inject it into any x32 process with most injection methods and injectors – use of undetected and private ones is still very much recommended)


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    It’s just a cfg file. How to use it?

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