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CSGO Legendware Cheat v4 | HvH, Legit, Wallhack

OUTDATED CSGO Legendware Cheat v4

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: William1337

CSGO Legendware Cheat v4 is normally paid HvH and Legit Hack for CSGO but here you can download it for FREE without any cost whatsoever

About CSGO Legendware Cheat v4

We all know the big cheats in the CSGO hacking community. These include skeet (gamesense), aimware, onetap v2 & v3 & v4, fatality, ev0lve, Legendware v2 & v3 & v4 and so on. And the funny thing is that all of these have been released for free on the internet by a group of people. And this cheat is one of those. Legendware was a paid cheat back then, well it actually still is but like I just mentioned, you can download it for free if you know what I mean 🙂

And like everybody knows, CSGO is not CSGO without using cheats. There could be some people that think the opposite but this is a fact. Even though Valve could easily improve their anti cheat and patch the insane amount of exploits in the game, they could definitely make a cheat-free game.

Nevertheless, CSGO Legendware Hack is one of the best HvH and Legit cheats you can find out there on the internet and I strongly recommend it.
P.S.: It even comes with some HvH Configs :))

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How to Use CSGO Legendware Cheat v4

  1. Download the cheat itself which is compressed in a .rar archive
  2. Extract the dll and the configs from the archive and put them in a folder
  3. Start CS:GO
  4. Download an injector of your choice
  5. Place the Legendware folder in: %appdata%\Legendware
  6. Inject the Lw.dll file into the game.
  7. Have fun!

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    Best free and undetected cheat for csgo is aworex.com

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