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CSGO Sector Cheat | Legit Hack, Wallhack, Aimbot

OUTDATED CSGO Sector Cheat | Legit Hack, Wallhack, Aimbot

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: SQL

CSGO Sector Cheat a usual internal Hack for CSGO with most Legit hack features including Wallhack, Aimbot, Triggerbot and many more

CSGO Sector Cheat might look a little bit odd compared to other Free CSGO Hacks as it might seem like it has less features combined with the common Imgui menu. So, it is possible that you are thinking that why would anyone ever use this cheat when there are many other and better internal cheats out there. Well, there is actually a simple answer for that question:

There are many cheats for CSGO out there, usually professional closet cheaters like ESports cheaters or other tournament platform cheaters like FaceIT are looking for hacks for CSGO thats are actually simple looking and simple to use menus that is just fit perfectly for beginners. In addition having a less complex cheat might actually be to your advantage as the more features a cheat has, more the risk of getting detected and getting banned by Valve’s anti cheat that they also use in CS:GO, Valve Anti Cheat (VAC)

CSGO Sector Cheat Features

  • Visual
  • Aim
  • Triggerbot
  • Misc

  • ESP
  • ESP Based HP
  • Distance ESP
  • Chams
  • Night Mod
  • Brightness
  • Player FOV

  • Aimbot
  • RCS

  • TriggerBot

  • Auto Pistol
  • Bunny Hop
  • Radar Hack
  • Skinchanger [F6]
  • No Flash
  • Convars

How to Use CSGO Sector Cheat

Downloading and using theCSGO Sector Cheat is actually fairly simple;

  1. First, download the cheat by clicking on the download button down below
  2. Once the download has finished, use an archive extractor to extract the files of the cheat into a folder
  3. Start CSGO
  4. Open the folder where Sector is located
  5. Run sector.exe
  6. Enjoy & have fun


-Removed functions: FakeLag and FullBright.
-Cheat can run in the menu and in the game.
-Added VM Protect, because the previous version flew into the detected.


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