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CSGO Sensum Internal legit hack + src code

OUTDATED CSGO Sensum Internal legit hack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: MartinJ409 & Xardch & K4HVH

CSGO Sensum Internal legit hack,

One of the most popular cheats for CSGO online game can be downloaded for free from our website. Today, we shared a CSGO Sensum Internal legit hack from MartinJ409 – Xardch – K4HVH developers. Thanks to this development, you will be able to get a great advantage in Counter Strike: Global Offensive game.
Sensum was really a known CSGO Hack at the beginning of 2021. Legitbot has many different features like visuals, misc and a beautiful Skinchanger. If you want to do a good free legal cheat and this cheat is what you are looking for!

This CSGO cheat can be downloaded and injected very easily. This can make it very convenient for you. If you say you will cheat at home and not play a lot of games, you can use the cheat installer madloader for csgo instead of this external cheat. He’s a really good plumber. I recommend you use it. Take control of the game!


Functions for CSGO Sensum Internal legit hack:

  • Legitbot
  • Visuals
  • Misc
  • Skinchanger
  • and more..

How to use: CSGO Internal legit hack :

  1. Disable the antivirus software because the antivirus blocks all game cheats.
  2. Download the file and extract it.
  3. Load syringe from syringe section. (I recommend CSGhost v3.1)
  4. Start CSGO.
  5. Run the injector as administrator and run the cheat.

Any kind of help. You can join our discord server for support and questions  Click Join Discord

GitHub Src Code : https://github.com/K4HVH/Sensum

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    or any cheats that are stream proofs for obs free ones and paid ones? and whare i can find them?

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