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CSGO Simple Glow ESP Cheat | External CSGO Wallhack 2023


 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: hideout.one

CSGO Simple Glow ESP Cheat is a really useful undetected and safe to use Wallhack for CSGO that works externally meaning that it does not inject itself into the game, and is therefore safer than most of the other cheats.

Many people like cheats that are internal, full of features and have tons of settings. This is mostly good when it comes to complicating legit cheating or rage hacking or HvHing against other CSGO cheaters. We have all kinds of CSGO Cheats and Hacks, so check out our website for any type of thing you are looking for.

But some people like simplicity. If you are that kind of person, we recommend using cheats like this one that have one single feature that will keep you safe and away from behaviours like raging that would normally get you reported

csgo external glow

CSGO Simple Glow ESP Cheat | Error Fixes & Notes

Here are some of the errors you might face and solutions provided by the developer of the cheat himself:

Known Issues

Game Crashing

If you’re experiencing crashing with the menu, its can crash if the esp is injected while loading into a map so if you keep experiencing this makie sure the .exe is closed while loading into a game and you can just reopen when you’re loaded into the match.


Me and a other developer are working on a cheat at our website hideout we are working on a full on UI for free, but for the current stage we will be releasing a glow esp while we making the full on functioning UI

**WARNING** – even though the cheat is undetected there is always a chance of being banned by being reported by other players, by using this cheat you are willing the accept the risk and not complain if you get banned, the only thing you can do is make a ban report in the discord server and the devs will fix/update the menu

csgo simple glow esp cheat

How to Use CSGO Simple Glow ESP Cheat

  1. Super simple, first download the CSGO Simple Glow ESP Cheat from below
  2. Extract the contents of the cheat into a folder
  3. Make sure that Counter Strike is running
  4. Run the exe that you extracted
  5. Enjoy and have fun!

There was a bug i fixed i have also added a feature that has been requested highly

Join discord for help

Any Questions Feel Free To Join The Discord Or Comment Below,


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  1. 189834

    make sure you have the latest version of the cheat , and also if you do just maybe reopen the esp ingame and see if that works. If nothing else works join the discord and create a ticket 🙂

  1. 190997

    Hallo, seit dem Update sind zwei Tage vergangen, warum haben Sie die Datei nicht aktualisiert?

  2. 189566

    doesn’t work anymore, first time it did work but second time it doesn’t anymore

  3. 189431

    Workiing but got globaled after 1 hour

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