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CSGO Wenishack 2023 | External Cheat for CSGO


 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: OminReap123

CSGO Wenishack is yet another external cheat for CSGO that is completely free to use and safe & undetected at the same time. From glow hack to aimbot, it has pretty much any important external hack features that you would expect.

The glow feature is a great hack that allows you to see enemy players through walls. This is a huge advantage in the game because you will be able to find and kill enemies before they have a chance to shoot you. This feature alone makes CSGO Wenishack worth using.

The aimbot is another great feature of Best CSGO Cheat which can be found in other Cheats and Hacks for CSGO that allows you to shoot enemy players with pinpoint accuracy. This is an invaluable tool for winning gunfights and taking down enemy players. With the aimbot, you will be able to take out enemies before they even know you are there, especially in CSGO‘s ranked mode.

csgo wenishack

CSGO Wenishack | Features

  • Cool imgui menu (kinda bad menu tbh)
  • Customizable aimbot
  • Customizable recoil control (epic and poggers)
  • Customizable glow esp
  • Customizable skin changer (rifles and pistols) [kinda buggy sometimes]
  • Corce spotted (radar reveal)
  • Auto bunnyhop
  • Anti flashbang
  • Customizable fov changer

pressing DELETE hides the gui
pressing INSERT disabled all features quickly / panic key

CSGO Wenishack | Changelog

  • re enabled esp, yes its streamproof if you use masterlooser15s obs window capture bypass for csgo (and use window capture of course dumdum)
    • [ corner box / normal box / health bar / health text / tracer ]
  • re enabled crosshair (same thing as esp streamproof)
  • removed aimbot “through walls” option due to targeting issues (sorry)
  • something to do with the menu you figure that out yourself
  • also fixed injection issues, if you have anymore please tell me so I can fix them

Update v1.2 changelog:

  • menu improvements
  • most performance / injection issues fixed
  • added triggerbot (with delay) on mousebutton4 or always [will add custom keybind soon maybe]
  • added bhop chance
  • added flash check to esp
  • panic key is now DELETE and it closes the hack completely instead of disabling
  • hide window key is now INSERT


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  1. 34558

    nothing happend when I turn on aimbot and ESP.

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