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Custom PC Tycoon Script – Pastebin Roblox Hack 2023

UNDETECTED Custom PC Tycoon Script

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: HamstaGang

Custom PC Tycoon Script, AUTO PC BUILD AND SELL – OPEN SOURCE; You’ll need enough cash to build the lowest end pc. So around $250 before I would recommend executing the script. (unless you remove the GPU bit from the script). There is a “PC_Items” array that you can update in the script to make it buy the higher end items so you can farm faster once you get more cash.

Features of Custom PC Tycoon Script:

Another script has been presented by Destiny, and this one is for the game Custom PC Tycoon. This script has a unique UI design, but it still has a large number of features, like Auto Buy and Construct, Auto Sell, Build Parts, Auto Convert to Gold, Auto Convert to Diamond, Anti AFK, Sell All PC in Inventory, and a number of other options.

custom pc tycoon script

Because the Custom PC Tycoon Script may be downloaded for free and does not demand an activation key, it is imperative that you express gratitude to the author, who goes by the identifier Noctural#9816. Because of the game’s name, you should already know that the objective of Custom PC Tycoon is to amass a collection of personal computers and then turn a profit from the sale of those machines.

With the money you make, you will be able to purchase the most high-end add-ons for your PCs. You should give the script a shot because it will make all of this a lot simpler to do.

  • Auto Buy and Construct
  • Auto Sell
  • Build Parts
  • Auto Convert to Gold
  • Auto Convert to Diamond
  • Anti AFK
  • Sell All

How to use:

  1. You need an roblox scripts executor (free or paid both fine)
  2. After get the executor, put the script in it and join a game that script support and press inject.
  3. After injected, press execute to load the hack.
  4. Enjoy this Custom PC Tycoon Script.

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