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Tim Apple External CS2 Cheat | ESP, Aimbot, Bhop & More


 Last Version: 21/06/2024

 Developers: Skwrr

Tim Apple External CS2 Cheat is a free hack that offers a range of features including wallhack, aimbot, bunnyhop, triggerfor any so much more.

The Tim Apple External CS2 Cheat is a free hack for CS2 that just been released.The cheat is an external program that runs in the background of your PC and reads or writes to the game process depending on the features that you use. This allows the cheat to modify the game data and give you access to various functions that are not normally available without risking anything such as some free internal CS2 cheats might do.

As mentioned, the cheat has four main features: aimbot, ESP, triggerbot, and bhop. Each feature can be customized and toggled on or off according to your preference. Let’s take a closer look at each feature and how it works.

What Does the Tim Apple Counter Strike 2 Hack Offer?

The aimbot of this Tim Apple External CS2 Cheat is a feature that automatically aims your crosshair at the enemy’s head or body. This makes it easier for you to hit your shots and eliminate your targets. You can adjust the aimbot settings to change the aim FOV and more. This can be very useful for cheaters who struggle with aiming or want to improve their accuracy and reaction time.

The ESP (extra sensory perception) is a feature that shows you information about the enemy players on your screen. This includes their name, health, distance, weapon, and location. You can also see the enemy’s skeleton, hitbox, and head dot. The ESP helps you to spot the enemy faster and plan your strategy according to that.

cynosys external cs2 cheat

Triggerbot is the feature that automatically fires your weapon when your crosshair is over the enemy. This makes it easier for you to shoot without having to press the mouse button. You can also choose to enable or disable the triggerbot for different weapons and situations however you want.

How to Use the Tim Apple External CS2 Cheat?

  1. Of course, download the Tim Apple External CS2 Cheat from below
  2. Extract all of the .zip archive’s content
  3. Launch Counter-Strike 2
  4. Run the cheat executable file as admin
  5. Enjoy and have fun!


  • Insert – Toggle Menu
  • End – Close Cheat

Dev Notes:

This Tim Apple External CS2 Cheat can be read only, if you DO NOT enable, bhop, anti-flash, or trigger bot. These 3 features write to memory, but they will only attempt to write to memory if you have them enabled. So if you want a read only cheat, DO NOT use these 3 features. Once aimbot is released, it will be read-only and most likely safe to use. Side note: I used this for ~2 weeks and have not gotten a ban or lowered trust factor.

When downloading a new release of the cheat, you may have to delete your menuconfig.json, if you want the new changes to the default style (this will reset any changes you made to menu colors) If you run into issues when downloading new release, try removing settings.json, miscconfig.json, espconfig.json, and aimconfig.json (this will reset every setting on the menu including colors)

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    Doesn’t work… Doesn’t turn off with the game…
    Needed to terminate the process with process hacker

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