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DarkSpy CSGO Cheat Loader Best Loader

OUTDATED featured

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Squa†ch & 'leska

DarkSpy new csgo cheat loader. This csgo loader has done an excellent job with its different design and automatic dll updates. Here you can find all the most famous and relevant cheats for the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Darkspy csgo loader makes you think it has spyware because of its name. We are aware of this, but this spying is most likely xD for csgo. Apart from these, this loader design consists of blue and black. It includes not only csgo but also team fortress 2 cheats. If you want to use darkspy, you can download the loader from the red download button below.

Loader contains a lot of csgo tricks in its content. You can use darkspy for hvh if you want, to play legit if you want, and even to move if you want. Since there are many cheats in Loader, it can offer you many options.

Additionally, you will be able to run a working VAC BYPASS to protect yourself from being banned from the game. In the future, you will be able to use a unique injector, thanks to which you will run any cheats without any problems. If you have questions about darkspy csgo loader or want to talk to its users, you can go to discord servers here.


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Comments (164)

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  1. 17998

    i can show you how it works or you go on the discord from darkspy https://discord.gg/p9nCx9dU

  1. 6353

    İts removed i guess

  2. 227048

    does this still work for tf2?

  3. 183729

    please help my game crashes after injecting hacks and i tried to do things from tutorial but doesent work please help

  4. 152522

    چیطور کنم ؟

  5. 84658

    Is it a full bypass VAC? Pls rep

  6. 118426

    new uptade otc3 crash?

  7. 136552

    key invalid help

  8. 41739

    i’m laughing how everyone thinks it’s a virus and if it is why are you using free cheats buy real cheats anyways i’m still scowering the internet for a injector because i don’t think this site has it

  9. 70343

    its very good cheat. I love weebware because i didnt get ban after 5 months!

  10. 64123

    Dont download it its a fucking virus its just hack your pc dont fool at this

  11. 91329

    just get good at the game you wont be needing this

  12. 32701

    where can i download older version?

  13. 78496

    anahtar nedir ????????????

  14. 54806


  15. 57998

    slaut sunt tudor sitiu franceza germna fututa

  16. 49120

    why it says it was blocked from chrome??

  17. 3765

    If you need help about darkspy join this server : https://discord.gg/vSpTsrKHqY (official darkspy server btw)

  18. 26092

    Guys i get VAC ban TODAY !!!
    Only RADAR HACK ! And im GET VAC Ban.
    Be careful

  19. 16712

    guys when will you upload 1.1.7 version?

  20. 1517

    If you need support for this cheat join our discord server: https://discord.gg/mads

  21. 42529

    hi i new to cheating and my chrome says darkspy was blocked

  22. 40843

    what is the problem with darkspy
    i download what iot needs and it just gives me a darkspy new wth it doesnt oppen why help

  23. 40401

    Hello! i have a problem when i click get key it says this Hello !
    Your key is expired please press “Get key” for new key!
    (don’t try bypass linkvertise)

  24. 34891

    the best cheat 🙂

  25. 15557

    DarkSpy is a pretty good loader not going to lie.

  26. 25895

    Good injector bypassed VAC wave

  27. 13824

    Tysm for existing lmao

  28. 26092

    where is the key?

  29. 29865

    dll is not downloading

  30. 21252

    this loader is GOD

  31. 21229

    invite to discord for the launcher or can i just install the old one

  32. 24076

    This thing got cracked LOL. It means it needs no key anymore, also those Turkish kebab owners used Themida to protect the loader LMAO

  33. 16447

    why otc from darkspy crashing game everytime i dead ?

  34. 25490

    invite to discord pls

  35. 26546

    key is expired

  36. 26414

    i open the folder and DarkSpyNew its not working

  37. 23281

    otv v3 crash and inject parch please

  38. 25527

    otc3 injectlenmiyo

  39. 25567

    I got My dark spy chat yesterday it all worked but now it when i go onto my darkspy folder there is no darkspynew.exe anymore so I cant start it

  40. 24622

    Lady Katniss❤#5523

  41. 24622

    ekleyin anahtar alamıyom

  42. 24365

    i want key plz

    • 19244

      Click on “GET KEY” and a tab will be opened in your browser, complete the steps and you will redirected to a link where you will find your key.

  43. 16447

    update a otcv3 dll its crashing game i on thirdperson

    • 13557

      hello, it was happening to me too. The staff said that u must go delete files on settings tab at dark spy menu. I did it and it worked. u must try it too i guess

  44. 17998

    You have a Problem pls join Discord and make a ticket. https://discord.gg/p9nCx9dU

    and you need the key Press on GET KEY is not difficult

  45. 22711

    how do i get a key

  46. 17547

    no funny hax

  47. 21337

    the code what is bro

  48. 19006

    this update is so dogshit bring back the old one wtf

  49. 16780

    i dont wanna get vac ban OWNER !

  50. 16780

    pls OWNER help

  51. 16780

    how to put the Steam.exe

  52. 16319

    Kıralsınız <3

  53. 21229

    how do i find it on my pc/open it

  54. 16724

    give back 1.1.4 darkspy!

  55. 16724

    I can’t inject otc v3

  56. 21077
    I can't do that update
  57. 21077
    I can't do that


  58. 5174

    bro how to inject cheats pls :<

  59. 8786

    where can i get the key?

  60. 20871

    man how pick cheat on 1.1.5

  61. 20871

    how pick main cheat

  62. 5597

    why windows 10?

  63. 9983

    Just Wait new update we’ll fix much things and bring back 1.1.4 more better and Run admin (needed)

  64. 20835

    Hello after i inject how do i open the menu?

  65. 16015

    every time i try to inject it crashes

  66. 20892

    i cannot run thi shit

  67. 20843

    How to inject? after the update

  68. 20835

    How do i inject an hack with the new update?(pls send a video on the discord server)

  69. 20835

    how do i open osiris?

  70. 4800

    How do you use it?
    After starting the installer it just closes and nothing happens.

  71. 2467

    program doesnt run, after showing no updates anvailbe its closing and nothing happends

  72. 20785

    when i bypass vac it says select steam.exe how do I do that?

  73. 6691

    when is 1.1.5 coming out and what day ?

  74. 16780

    update is done ?

  75. 18244

    how tf do i update?

  76. 13824

    Crymore doesnt inject

  77. 6691

    guys i try may injector and this is the best one love the vac bypass and more love otv3 and it good people just talk just to talk but i say why cheat work why talk shit about it if on their discord waifu factory u see how to fix update or crashes i love Darkspy

  78. 17100

    чит с вирусами

  79. 16145

    there are cheats that do not work regardless of the injector

  80. 1986

    its really good! but onetap v3 just crashes my game

  81. 1

    Good cheat thank you developer !

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