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Dead By Daylight Free Hack Download

UNDETECTED Dead By Daylight Free Hack

 Last Version: 22/10/2021

 Developers: Robson, Brazil

Dead By Daylight Free Hack Download 2021

Dead By Daylight is a game that takes the horror and multiplayer genre by storm. In this game we will be presenting you a unique Dead By Daylight Free Hack Download 2021. Understandably, the game is challenging due to its online nature, it will make your job easier for you in this challenging task and You definitely don’t have to worry because we present you this free Dead By Daylight Free Hack. If you’re smart about things, you’ll never get caught. Once you have all the upgrades you need, you can enjoy the game on a flat playing field.

Dead by Daylight Game About

Dead by Daylight started as an indie game and is now one of the most popular horror games today. It combines the survival-horror genre with an online multiplayer. One player will take control of the killer, and four others can play as survivors. The survivors must attempt to activate generators and escape the killer. On the other hand, the killer must capture and sacrifice all characters to the entity before they escape. When the game started, there was only one killer that players could choose.

 dead by daylight free hack

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Features – Dead By Daylight Free Hack Auto Skill Check Hack 

  • Easy to use.
  • Undetected.
  • Created using Python.
  • Auto Skill check
  • Auto Wiggle
  • Auto M1
  • Auto M2
  • Uses OpenCV (no memory modifications)

How to use Dead By Daylight Free Hack

  1. Download the dbd auto skill check the latest version from below.
  2. Now Simply extract the zip to your desktop.
  3. Download and install Python from the official website.
  4. While installing Python make sure you have checked “Add to Path“.
  5. After all that you need to install the libraries that are required by the script.
  6. pip install opencv-python, pip install numpy, pip install mss, pip install pynput
  7. Everything is now installed.
  8. Run the game and start using the cheat by doing. “python auto-skill.py”.

Dead By Daylight Free Hack Not working?

  • Make sure your skill check key is C or you can change it in the code if you have some other key.
  • Resolution 1920×1080 only.
  • Colour settings Standard.
  • Make sure libraries are installed.

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Functions of Dead By Daylight Free Hack Auto Skill Check Hack 

Player ESP

  • Killer
  • Name – the killer’s nickname
  • Distance – the distance to the killer
  • Skeleton – the skeleton on the killer
  • Snaplines – Lines to the killer


  • Name – nicknames of survivors
  • Distance – the distance to the survivors
  • Skeleton – a skeleton for a survivor
  • Snap lines – lines to the survivor

Object ESP

  • Window – window illumination
  • Pallet – pallet illumination
  • Totem – highlighting of ordinary totems
  • HEX:Totem – highlighting HEX Totems
  • Generator – illumination of generators
  • Trap – displaying traps of trapper, witch, snare of freddy’s dream
  • Hatch – hatch
  • Escape – exit gate
  • Chest – chest
  • Locker – locker
  • Hook – hook
  • Brekable – fragile walls


  • Unlock Customization Items – unlock all skins/icons
  • Crosshair – sight
  • Force Escape – instant escape for the survivor
  • SelfHook – hang yourself on a hook, that is, immortality
  • SpeedHack
  • FOV Changer – changing the viewing angle of FOV

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    its not working for me after i do python auto-skill.py, nothing happend where do i put python auto-skill.py

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    Not Works yay

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