Deceit Skin Changer – Download Free Hacks for Deceit 2021

deceit skin changer - download free hacks for deceit 2021

 Last Version: 18/10/2021

 Developers: Japrajah

Deceit Skin Changer – Download Free Hacks for Deceit 2021

Deceit Skin Changer is a free to download player model changer for Deceit that lets other players see your custom changed skin as well

With this skin changer that is completely safe to use, you can use some really cool skins in Deceit that you always wanted to use. (These skins include developer skins as well!) Deceit is already a fun game but it is obviously way more fun when you have skins in game that you can flex on your friends.

How to Use Deceit Skin Changer

  1. Download the Deceit Skin Changer
  2. Extract the files in the archive and paste them into a folder of your choice
  3. Start Deceit
  4. Run an injector
  5. Inject the dll into the game
  6. Voilà!

About Deceit

Deception tests your instincts to trust and deceive in a multiplayer first-person shooter. You wake up in an unfamiliar environment to the sound of the Game Master’s unfamiliar voice. Surrounded by five other people, a third of your party has been infected with the deadly Game Masters virus and is tasked with eliminating other innocent players. The innocents must stay alert, cross all three zones and escape through the secure trapdoor while the infected try to get you one by one.

As you play as the Innocent, you will cross the map and encounter items that will keep you alive as you make your way towards the exit. However, you have to decide which of them is most valuable to you and whether you will team up with other players or fight to get them. Each decision gives you more information about your teammates and which side they are likely to be on.

Developer Notes

Everyone can see the skins on you.
You can change skins in C:\\Japrajah\freechanger.cfg (it is created during the first injection)
For this you can use WOTETO (in the archive)
Injected via face_injector


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