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Doors BOBHUB Script: AutoFarm, FullBright and More! (Mobile)


 Last Version: 25/01/2024

 Developers: KINGHUB01

Meet another impressive script that opens the doors of the Roblox world – Doors BOBHUB! This powerful mobile script offers players a number of unique features to enrich the gaming experience. Equipped with exciting features such as AutoFarm, WalkSpeed, JumpPower, Esp, FullBright, Auto Claim Gold, Item Aura and more, Doors BOBHUB can be accessed via the Cheatermad.com platform. This amazing script offers a different perspective to players who want to explore the Roblox Doors game.

About Doors:

Doors BOBHUB script, offered with the quality service of our site, is rapidly gaining popularity among players in the Roblox community. This script, designed to overcome the mechanics and difficulties in the game, offers its users the opportunity to enjoy the game and leave their opponents behind. Cheatermad.com maintains its feature of being a reliable and high-quality platform by offering powerful scripts such as Doors BOBHUB to its users.

Features of Doors BOBHUB Script:

  • AutoFarm: Doors BOBHUB’s AutoFarm feature gives players the advantage of automatically harvesting resources.
  • WalkSpeed and JumpPower: The script allows players to customize their character’s walking speed and jumping power, allowing them to become faster and more agile.
  • Esp: Doors BOBHUB’s Esp feature helps you gain a strategic advantage by allowing you to spot other characters more easily.
  • FullBright: Providing a clear view even in dark spots within the game, the FullBright feature allows players to fully explore the game world.
  • Auto Claim Gold and Item Aura: The script increases in-game earnings with features such as automatic gold claim and automatic attraction of surrounding items.

doors bobhub script

Doors Game and Script Collaboration:

When Roblox’s interesting Doors game is combined with the Doors BOBHUB script, players can open not only the doors, but also the doors of victory. This mobile script makes the Doors game a more fun, strategic and competitive experience.


The Doors BOBHUB script adds a plethora of features—including AutoFarm and FullBright—to the Roblox Doors game, making it more engaging. Using the trustworthy platform of Cheatermad.com, you may obtain this powerful script and enjoy elevating your game experience to new heights. Keep in mind that Doors BOBHUB is the key to unlocking doors and winning the game.

How to use Doors BOBHUB Script

  1. Turn on your Doors Game.
  2. Embed the BOBHUB Code for script
  3. Run it Take in the material presented here.

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