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DOTA 2 External Hack, Simple Dota 2 Cheat [New Cheat Menu]


 Last Version: 26/12/2021

 Developers: Aresn11 & oask

i’m releasing a simple DOTA 2 External Hack that i made, it should have needed features for easier
the cheat probably do have some bugs, feel free to post them. to use the cheat, make sure your game is in the windowed mode.Dota 2 is an online multiplayer video game developed by Valve.

Dota 2 is one of the most popular games of all time because of its unique playstyle, if you are here looking for Dota 2 Hacks or Simple Dota 2 Cheat, then you have come to the right place. Since there are a lot of developers selling their paid cheats in the market for DOTA 2. We are here with a completely free cheat for DOTA 2 which will improve your chances of winning a game.

dota 2 external hack

Features of DOTA 2 External Hack

This cheat functions like Slark Ultimate (Shadow Dance), it lets you know if you are currently visible by the enemy either using wards or hero vision. So i decided to make a simple overlay and it pops-up a text if visible or not (Check screenshots).

  • visualisation tab
    • this.enabled
    • hero.mana
    • info.screen
    • skill.alert
    • visible.status
    • oof.alert
    • low.alert
    • ignore.illusions
    • ignore.team
  • miscellaneous tab
    • this.enabled
    • fow.particles
    • unlock.heroes
    • remove.fog
    • camera.distance
    • weather.type
    • river.type
    • dota.plus
  • graphical user interface tab
    • menu.x
    • menu.y
dota 2 external hack

How to Install DOTA 2 External Hack

  • Required settings are dx11 – borderless window
  • This is tested on a 1366×768 monitor.
  • Instructions:
  • External Usage: 
  • Run Dota2Overlay.exe as admin
  • Press END to exit.
  • Internal Usage: 
  • Inject DLL to dota2.exe (Manual Map)
  • Press END to exit.

Note for Simple Dota 2 Cheat:

  1. Run Offset Updater at least 1 time (Important).
  2. Display must be set to Borderless Fullscreen/Borderless. (External Only.)
  3. Rendering API must be set to Direct3D9. (Internal Only.)
  4. If dota2 has a major patch and cheat not working please read instructions on how to update offsets.
  5. Updating Offsets: Run offsetupdater.exe and click update to get the latest offset from the database. (Please patiently wait if the update is not yet available.)


26.12.2021 update:
— reworked the cheat core a lot
— improved cheat stability & optimization
— improved visuals
— improved skill.alert function [ added lifestealer & sniper ultimates, linken sphere ]
— added assistance tab (scripts)
— added auto.ultimate function [ zeus, phoenix, slark, weaver, earth shaker, tide hunter, treant protector ]
— added skill.bar function [ shows ability’s level, first char, cooldown, charges ]
— added maphack (kind of) [ allows to see some heroes in the fog when they use spells, enabled by default ]
— added override.yaw [ overrides camera yaw to block the creeps more easier ]
— added lasthit.marker function
— added player’s networth in “info.screen” function
— added creeps.vbe function [ ally creeps visible status ]
— added teleport time
— added spot.predict [ predicts next neutral creeps in spot ]
— added experimental auto update
— a lot of bug fixes

note: to use scripts, make sure that your ultimate button is ‘R’, and “Select Hero” button is F1.

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