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Dota 2 Mods Cheat – Dota 2 HERO Mode AHK Hack

UNDETECTED Dota 2 Mods Cheat

 Last Version: 28/01/2023

 Developers: DeadRoundDR

Dota 2 Mods Cheat is everything you can customize: Hero Items / Sets, Terrains, Loading Screens, Effects. There are hundreds of hero items and sets and you just can’t afford to buy them all but it would be really cool if you just saw them in action. Valve allows mods because only you can see them and not other players, so they don’t affect the game’s economy.

About Dota 2 Mods Cheat 2023

So what Dota 2 Mods Cheat (or skins) can you use? You can use anything made. For example: Hero Sets, Immortal items, Arcanas. But also Terrains, Weather, Music, Announcers, Item Effects, Roshan skins, absolutely everything.

But the list doesn’t end there, there are also Custom Mods made by modding fans. These custom mods can be simple recolors of other items, entirely new items not accepted by Valve, or models from other games.

dota 2 mods cheat

You can choose from over 3200 Dota 2 Mods Cheat and over 7500 Mod Parts. And we are constantly expanding the list.

Just install the mods you want and you can choose which mods you want to see in the Game. If you have installed multiple mods for the same hero, you can choose which one to use by setting it as default. You can build multiple sets for a hero and add them to Shuffle. This means that when you click “Save Mods” or “Save and Play” the app will randomly pick a mod from your list of installed mods.

Dota 2 HERO Mode AHK Hack other Features: 

To get another random mod, you need to exit Dota 2 and click “Save Mods” or “Save and Play” again. This will make the app completely ignore the installed mode and you won’t see it anymore either. Maybe for some reason you don’t like it and you don’t want to see it again. But if you want to “Restore” a mod, you can click “Closed Mods” and view all your disabled mods.

dota 2 mods cheat

If you check this option, the next time you open the app, it will Minimize, Save Dota 2 Mods Cheat (also shuffle them), and Start Dota 2. This is very useful if you have already chosen which mods you want to see and you just want to play. In major updates, Dota 2 will overwrite your mods, so you have to Save them again and restart the game.

How to use the Dota 2 Mods Cheat

  1. Run, select a character, read the instructions
  2. Set buttons for items ( If not purchased – leave the field empty, you need to enable quick application, aka quickcast ), skills ( Don’t forget about quickcast )
  3. Click UPDATE
  4. Press the PAUSE button – we hear the sound, the script is activated / deactivated
  5. Enable / disable the script you need
  6. Click on the button that activates the desired script (For example, clicked INSERT -> heard that we turned on / off the script -> clicked 2 )
  7. Use the script turns out

Instructions of  Dota 2 HERO Mode AHK Hack

  1. Download Dota 2 Mods Free Cheat script, unzip the HEROMODE folder to the desired location
  2. Open the folder, run START IT FIRST, select the HEROMODE folder, click OK
  3. Run the HERO MODE file that appears in the folder


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