ELB v1.1.3 | Free Mod Menu For GTA 5


 Version: 20210205

 Developers: ELB

ELB v1.1.3 | Free Mod Menu For GTA 5

Hello, thanks to the developer of this cheat, which made us happy with a new cheat. You can download Gta 5 it without ads and approvals. Please do not forget to visit our website and check the STATUS daily.


  1. Extract Files
  2. Start GTA5 in story mode
  3. Run “setup.exe” and install the menu (Dont forget to click the box that says “Create a desktop shortcut” for the ability to open the launcher from desktop after the installation)
  4. Choose “ELB” by clicking on the picture
  5. Click on “Get Key” to get a Key
  6. When you got your key put it into the box and click “Login”
  7. Click “Inject” | Open Key [F8] or [Num *]
  8. Enjoy!



main 1



protections 1


The menu sadly got no recovery options because of “security reasons” they say.
Hopefully they’ll come back in the next update.



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