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Element TD2 Trainer

UNDETECTED Element TD2 Trainer

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: wh0am15533

Element TD2 Trainer . Cover’s all your needs. Trainer rewritten to support the May update that moved the game to IL2Cpp and broke the Trainer. All works again. Without his help this wouldn’t have been developed so quickly.

Element TD2 Trainer Game About: 

Element TD 2 is the synthesis of tower defense games that have been going on for 15 years. Its original version has received more than 5 million downloads under WarCraft 3, StarCraft 2 and Dota 2, and is available on Steam to offer a whole new experience to tower defense gamers, along with various defense tactics and maps Element TD2 Trainer.

*The Trainer doesn’t have GUI yet anymore since IL2Cpp doesn’t really support IMGUI, so the it use’s hotkeys now. Edit the BepInEx.cfg file and enabled the console and you’ll see the menu for the hotkeys.
*For this you need the lasted Bleeding-Edge build of BepInEx for IL2Cpp or it won’t work. You can’t use the old BepInEx version that you used for the previous Trainer releases .


  1. HotKeys:
  2.    F1             = Reprint Hotkeys
  3.    RightShift + R = Reload Trainer Config
  4.    RightShift + P = Give Unlock Points
  5.    RightShift + U = Ulock All Levels
  6.    RightShift + N = Nuke All Progress
  7.    RightShift + A = Give All Achievements
  8.    RightShift + F = Toggle Fog of War
  9.    RightShift + I = Give Gold
  10.    RightShift + E = Give Elements
  11.    RightShift + C = Give Essence
  12.    RightShift + M = Give Mana
  13.    RightShift + X = Give XP
  14.    RightShift + S = Give 4 Stars & Score
  15.    RightShift + L = Give Lives/Life Pts.
  16.    RightShift + G = Toggle God Mode

Click injector category

-If using Doorstop – Place file anywhere and specify it in the Doorstop.ini
-If using BepInEx – Place file within the ‘BepInExPlugins’ folder
-If using Standalone Injector, place file anywhere and within your chosen injector specify the following:

Namespace: Trainer
Class: Loader
Method: Init

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