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Escape From Tarkov Launcher HWID Check Bypasser | hwnope

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 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: otiosum#0001

Escape From Tarkov Launcher HWID Check Bypasser is a tool that lets play with multiple account on the same device while bypassing HWID check

With this tool, if you are Hardware ID (HWID) banned from Escape From Tarkov and the Battlestate Games Launcher checks your computer’s HWID and blocks you, you can easily use to tool to bypass that or just multi-account without them being able to realize that you are (keep in mind that they may also be checking the IP addresses as well.). Here’s how the developer of the tool describes hwnope:

escape from tarkov launcher hwid check bypasser | hwnope

What exactly is this Escape From Tarkov Launcher HWID Check Bypasser?

Long story short, I have a friend that needed to bypass the launcher’s HWID check. He uses RAID for BE itself but the launcher was a bit problematic. While writing a simple spoofer would probably be a better option, I was reading battlestateless thread and decided to do it my own way (I am genuinely not a fan of strait up patching the launcher).

This very simple DLL can be injected into the launcher (preferably when it’s being launched) with any DLL injector like Xenos (used in the video).

As you can see the DLL hooks CWbemObject::Get function in fastprox.dll and if there is any text query it simply replaces it with random garbage. BSG launcher uses primarily WMI queries to generate your HWID. This bypasses this check.

Why use this instead of let’s say patching the launcher? It will never get out of date (as long as BSG does not implement completely new HWID checks) and it should be technically harder to detect (although I don’t think BSG cares to implement any checks at all, they are busy implementing a queue system so they won’t have to deploy on more servers…).

I will not be publishing the source since it’s so simple you can literally write it yourself in less then 20 minutes. The download includes full PDB symbols and the single DLL.

How to Use Escape From Tarkov Launcher HWID Check Bypasser

  • Instructions
  • Video Preview

  1. Download Escape From Tarkov Launcher HWID Check Bypasser
  2. Extract the DLL from the RAR archive
  3. Start the Battlestate Launcher
  4. Inject the extracted DLL using an injector
  5. Enjoy 🙂

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