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EXTERNAL CSGO HACK v1.2.1 | Aimbot, ESP, Radar Hack

UNDETECTED Le Chiffre External CSGO Hack

 Last Version: 20/05/2022

 Developers: razeN

Hey everyone! I’m here again with a csgo hack. Since this csgo hack is EXTERNAL CSGO HACK , it is safer than other internal cheats, but still remember to use a vac bypass. If you ask how can I use Vac Bypass. Either use the vac bypass inside the madloader. Whether you use a vac bypass from our site.

You can download  new Working Cheats for CSGO from our website for free. Multi-functional cheat without a ban on the popular online game CSGO. Do you want to dominate the game and not get banned for it? use the cheat on Le Chiffre on CS:GO.

external csgo hack


  • F2 – Bunnyhop
  • F3 – No flashbang
  • F4 – Aimbot
  • F6 – Active trigger bot
  • LAlt – Use trigger bot
  • F8 – Enemy glow ESP
  • F9 – Radar hack
  • END – Panic mode

EXTERNAL CSGO HACK | Changelog & Dev Notes

Official release.
Removed all languages except french and english.
Update memory offset to the latest game version.


I just taked the official release source (https://github.com/Blaumaus/le_chiffre) and disabled connection to a server for version verification, modified some stuff and update memory offset to the latest game update, i will update the cheat fast as i can when a new update will come.

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Comments (3)

  1. 184138

    The cheat is detected, i never play cs:go and the banned my account in the first match.

    • 68189

      That seems a bit extreme, are you sure you haven’t used any other cheats? Also if possible I would like to know if you got VAC banned or Game banned.

  2. 68189

    works as expected, thank you for sharing

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