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Farlight 84 Hack for PC [ESP, Aimbot, NoRecoil]

UNDETECTED Farlight 84 Hack for PC

 Last Version: 11/11/2023

 Developers: flag1337

This article provides a link to a free new Farlight 84 Hack for PC that can be used in the Steam version of the game Farlight 84. Using this internal Farlight 84 Hack for PC, which contains a number of helpful functions, you will be able to activate the game’s secret capabilities for any character you choose.

You will have access to a wide variety of extra Farlight 84 Cheat capabilities, like the ability to see through the textures that are on the map (ESP), the function for quickly reloading your weapon (Instant Reload), the function for firing without experiencing any recoil (NoRecoil), and many more.

farlight 84 hack for pc

Features of Farlight 84 Hack for PC

Free to play on mobile devices, Farlight 84 is now also accessible on personal computers through Steam. You can quickly advance through the game’s levels by using hacks, and this will get you access to additional game modes, skins, and experience.

  • Aimbot
  • Aimbot FOV
  • Visible Check
  • Visualize Aimbot
  • Ignore Team
  • Sticky Silent (absolutely raped, but works)
  • Ignore Knocked / Being Revived By Team
  • Aimbot At Vehicles (Aimbotting inside of vehicles is broken for now)
  • Aimbot Hotkey
  • Targeting Types (Distance/Distance to crosshair)
  • Aimbot Smoothing
  • Current Weapon
  • Skeletons
  • Distance
  • Snaplines
  • Hero Name
  • Player Name
  • Boxes (2D Corner Box/3D Boxes)
  • Health Bars
  • Item Pickups (Amount, Color By Rarity)
  • Weapon Pickups
  • Eyesight Lasers
  • Player Current Ammo
  • Treasure Boxes
  • Vehicles (Health, 3D Box, Speed KMH, Passenger Count)
  • Max Distance ESP, Items, and Eyesight Lasers
  • No Recoil
  • No Spread
  • Rapid Fire
  • Instant Reload
  • Upgrade Player Level 10 [F7]
  • Force/Super Melee (Pushes people when far at any range in the direction youre facing, and also their movement, they wont be able to do shit, when somewhat close it will start pushing them. And when very close it will them hard with instant kill)
  • Force All Players (everyones movement in range, excluding your team)
  • Thermal Render Mode
  • God-Mode [F8] (Yes godmode, you will not be able to die, even if you rejoin mid game)
  • FOV Changer
  • Freecam [CAPS]
  • Color Customization
  • Config System

How to use the Farlight 84 Hack for PC

farlight 84 hack for pc

An example of what your Settings.json may look like now.

1) You need to modify the settings.json to neglect EAC as explained by RiceCum1 post.
2) Simply start the External.Farlight84.exe

  1. Locate your game directory \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Farlight 84\EasyAntiCheat
  2. Open Settings.json with your favourite text editor
  3. Change ‘productid‘, ‘sandboxid‘ and ‘deploymentid
  4. Launch game normally
  5. Inject the cheat with your favourite injector in the lobby! (If you’re crashing its probably just your injector or you’re not in the lobby)
  6. Menu: Insert/INS

Other Free Farlight 84 Cheats and Hacks

Changelog’s of Farlight 84 Hack for PC

1. Start Farlight via Steam (with o/w the bypass)
2. Start the Injector and once fully loaded into the game enter: UnrealWindow into the console
3. Have fun!

This Farlight 84 Hack for PC was not fully done yet so issues like crashing might occur. I had to post the unfinished Product because i gave the source to the wrong person (ill work on the issues)

I strongly advise that you use a EAC Bypass, id recommend this one by Fer3on EAC Bypass

– Vehicle Seat Amount
– Fixed Crash Issue
– Fixed Bot Check
– Added Spinbot (works sometimes)

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  1. 230958

    settings.json cannot be changed anymore

  1. 479513

    Cheat is not working for windows 11. Only working for window 10. Tried and tested as of 13th of November 2023.

  2. 513465

    any update for this cheat?

  3. 281513

    how to use this injector bro

  4. 496581

    how do i cheat im very confused is there any videos on how to do it?

  5. 489375

    i want to cheat in farlight 84 ughugh

  6. 191793

    please fix driver load error

  7. 486659

    After I entered “UnrealWindow” the launch of the cheat, there is no ….
    What is the problem or the cheat doesn’t really work

  8. 62763

    how to fix driver load error?

  9. 123833

    Once i launch i got kicked

  10. 482317

    workkk 25 august

  11. 468221

    is it working for the new update

  12. 191793

    window class name enter what?

  13. 316636

    mano altera pra col nome q tenho q bota

  14. 411447

    no longer working, please update..

  15. 412520

    when you change the settings. json the game detects it so it changed it mid game it worked but not anymore please fix because the new update is here.

  16. 409379

    Looks like this is a lost cause

  17. 402860

    Settings.json si lo modifico me saca del juego dandome una advertencia

  18. 409379

    What Injector should I use?

  19. 400491

    no recoil give me

  20. 404396

    @RiceCum1 not working bro fix it plis

  21. 410160

    i cant injector and i dont know how injector

  22. 281034

    we need injector :/

  23. 187596

    what injector to use

  24. 189449

    the game will detect if the .json changed

  25. 411386

    .json cannot be changed anymore.. fix it please:::::>

  26. 411185

    the game will detect if the .json changed

  27. 409379

    When is the new update?

  28. 408657

    the game will detect if the .json changed

  29. 230958

    settings.json cannot be changed anymore

  30. 404396

    is updated but anti cheater close the game. fix it plis

  31. 410576

    pls update i need global bro

  32. 409623

    thanks for the pubg cheat as well.

  33. 409623

    bro the esp only show in windowed mode not in full screen….everything else working well.

  34. 31602

    Works on win 11 21h2?

  35. 410047

    where is the updated link?

  36. 409728

    aimbot not working

  37. 407204

    nothing happens when run External.Farlight84.exe

  38. 137921

    What should we write on the .json file?

  39. 327056

    can you make it External i cant find any injectors in the injectors tab and some dont work

  40. 402860

    Funciona en injector xenos %100

  41. 401341

    Algum injetor q vc recomenda pq testei 2 e não foi n aparece nenhum painel nem nada

  42. 318616

    what to change help

  43. 205201

    bro it crashes the game when i start a game

  44. 121680

    It won’t work on all injectors anymore, it seems like it’s already outdated.

  45. 399110

    “xenos injector” does not work

  46. 121680

    its useless they dont give exactly what injector to use this thing

  47. 398489

    what injector is working for this thing?

  48. 252799

    this is osiris file

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