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Field Trip Z Script | God Mode , Give Items, And More! – 2023 Cheat

UNDETECTED Field Trip Z Script

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: SalatBlitz

We are glad to present a Field Trip Z Script, written by SalatBlitz, for fans of zombie-themed roblox games, including Field Trip Z. This hack has a graphical user interface and includes the following:

It just has a few basic features like items (Donut, Bandage, MedKit), Heal, and God Mode, but it is undeniably the most reliable of all the currently available scripts. When compared to other zombie games, Field Trip Z is in a league of its own.

Features of Field Trip Z Script

  • God Mode
  • Give Items
  • Heal
  • And More!

Choose your own adventure style in Field Trip Z. At the beginning, you won’t even have to worry about zombies; instead, you’ll be assigned to an ordinary school where you’ll have to participate in classroom instruction and other routine tasks.

field trip z script

Unlike in other zombie games, you aren’t immediately thrust into a frenzy of carnage upon starting the game; instead, the story slowly unfolds while you explore the world and avoid the undead.

How to Use Field Trip Z Script

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