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Fishing Bot Cheat for New World v.2.0.2 Free Download 2021

USE AT OWN RISK featured

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: saixo

Fishing Bot Cheat for New World is a free to download hack that automatically fished for you in the newly released Open World MMO: New World

New World is a brand new game that has been released on Steam by one of the biggest companies in the word; Amazon. And with a great open word like this, comes great responsibilities… like cheating the heck out of it! It is always great to have a great free to use cheat / hack for a super new game.

And like the most of the cheats you can find on our website, this cheat completely undetected since it is external and it uses pixel detection to know when the bot is supposed to specific actions. For a more detailed instruction on how to use this Fishing Bot Cheat for New World, read the “How to Use” section down below.

How to Use Fishing Bot Cheat for New World

Windowed on 1920×1080 will not work, also not on a 1920×1080 Screen.
So be sure you’re playing on FULLSCREEN on a 1920x1080p Monitor!

  1. Go ahead and Download Fishing Bot Cheat for New World
  2. Extract the files in the .rar archive into a directory of your choice
  3. Start New World
  4. Navigate to the directory where the files are
  5. Run SleepingFisherman.exe
  6. Enjoy and have fun!

sleepingfisherman 1 1

Important Info about the bot:

  • F5 Starts/Stops the Bot
  • F6 Shows/Hides the Detection-Bounds
  • Be sure the Graphic & Keybind settings, like Contrast/Brightness/Rod Equip Key/etc. are set to their DEFAULT value, otherwise the bot will not work, or not well.

Developer Notes

You can set the Casting Power & at which percentage of the Fishing Rod heal, it should repair the rod automatically(If you use the simple Wooden Rod, you’ll not use any repair parts ^^)

Values are still a bit randomized, so even if you’ve set the casting power to it’s max, it may not actually do a “max” cast ingame. Kind of “Humanizer”(For all delays actually).

And no, it currently does not come with a feature to equip a bait automatically.

It’s my first “Pixel-Bot” & it’s free, so pls let me know if you have any issues and don’t flame if something is not working. Also, be sure you saw the BIG FAT RED text on top.

The Program Emulates and detects key presses, etc. so your Antivirus maybe goes crazy, you can check the Source tho with ILSpy or something if you’re worried Thats also why you SHOULD NOT use your computer while fishing with the bot!



  • Fixed using hard coded Tolerance of 75 for fishing-done scan while casting instead of the set Tolerance
  • Changed default tolerances
  • Disabled TopMost from Main Window

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Comments (5)

  1. 114700

    Hi, it never stops reeling in, it breaks the line every time. Other than that it works as it should.

    • 19244

      The bot is probably having an issue while reading pixels. Read the post again and make sure you set your in game settings right.

  2. 41112

    why no one make cheat for bless unleashed why why

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