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For Honor Happybot Script 2021 Free

DETECTED For Honor Happybot Script 2021 Free

 Last Version: 20/07/2021

 Developers: Sh1ro

For Honor Happybot Script 2021 Free

For Honor Happybot Script is an AHK script to block, parry and deflect automatically. You can find this script free to download on our website.

About For Honor

Step into the chaos of war as a daring knight, brutal viking or deadly samurai. Play the thrilling story campaign or fight in brutal PvP modes, now on new dedicated servers.
Enjoy an evolving experience with 18 new heroes, 18 maps, PvP and Ranked modes, thousands of gear and more since launch.

Dedicated Server provides a stable and seamless experience as you fight to win for your faction.
Customize combat by customizing your hero with thousands of weapons, emotes, and more.
Earn rewards while learning the art of combat with an all-new training mode that turns you from apprentice to master.

How to Install & Use For Honor Happybot Script
  1. Download rar archive
  2. Extract the files
  3. Start For Honor if you haven’t already
  4. Start file called hpbot2.3.exe
  5. Press button how to use and read all this info
  6. Enjoy 🙂
For Honor Happybot Script – Features and Keybinds
  • f1 – delay 80ms for dodges bashes and unblockables 1 click on / second click off
  • f2 – disable dodges for bashes 1 click on / second click off
  • f3 – switches for button C from parry function to flips 1 click on / second click off
  • f4 – Switcher for button E from parry to cc and to deflects 1 click on / second click off
  • f5 – switch from dodges unblockables to parry 1 click on / second lick off u need hold guard by ur own hand on the side where unblockable comes
  • Z – pause/resume script
Developer Note

in this version i released all possible features what we can do in ahk for this game. this is last and final version. In this version autoblock use different methods for detecting and block attacks, feints checker for light and heavy attack is also different, different methods for detect unblockable and bashes, for checking feints for them. this version fully support revenge when u or ur enemy use it. Script reaction timing is 50ms!

all features working 100%-100% this is perfect build

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  1. 19244

    It does not. Every file is analyzed before uploaded on the website.

  1. 106828

    dont download, this script has a trojan malware

  2. 84292

    got banned immidetly

  3. 75248

    not working all im getting is a ping sound but noting happens

  4. 49661

    Why is it asking for a password?

  5. 41889

    i need tutorial…

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