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Fortnite BigC Cheat v4.0 | Free External Fortnite Hack 2023

OUTDATED Fortnite BigC Cheat

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: anticheese#5680

Fortnite BigC Cheat is a Free Undetected Hack for Fortnite with Aimbot, ESP, Player Fly and many more that you can download right now.

Have you ever thought about why there are so many hackers cheating in Fortnite? And how annoying it is for the honest players that have to watch over their shoulder because of these cheaters? Well, I’m always wondering why cheaters are cheating. Is it because they can’t do it or is it just a game they are playing? The honest player wins, even though they have a small disadvantage.

About Fortnite BigC Cheat

If you are interested in cheating at Fortnite, we got something for you. You probably know that Fortnite is the hottest gaming right now. If you never played it, I suggest you to start playing and test this new Fortnite BigC Cheat that AntiCheese has released for you for free. It has a lot of useful functions and it’s totally undetected at the moment for the Easy Anti Cheat version of Fortnite.

Fortnite BigC is a recent hack that was very recently which is going to become incredibly popular. This hack took on the new name ‘BigC’ and added way more features than any other Fortnite Cheats and Hacks that you have probably ever used. Not even talking about all the exploit features, but the variety of options available with this hack is incredible.

fortnite bigc cheat

How to Use Fortnite BigC Cheat

As we always like to do, here are the instructions that you can follow in order to use our beloved BigC Hack for Fortnite. If you already have exprience with driver based cheats, then using this should also be no problem for you, but for those of you who do not know how to use such cheats, here are the basic steps that you can follow and enjoy the cheat as quickly as possible.

  1. First of all, download Fortnite BigC Cheat from the red download button down below
  2. After the download process has finished, extract all the files inside of the archive into a seperate folder
  3. Open that folder and you should see all the files of the cheat in there
  4. Make sure that you aren’t already HWID banned from Fortnite
  5. Make sure the game is running on the Easy Anti Cheat software and not BattleEye (since it is currently only undetected for EAC)
  6. Drag BigC.sys to mapper.exe in the file explorer
  7. Open Fortnite
  8. Go into a match (do not wait in a lobby)
  9. Open BigC.exe
  10. Follow the “How to Stay Undetected” section down below to see how you can keep your account safe
  11. Enjoy and have fun!
  • if esp dosent work downgrade to win 10 ver 1909 , 2004 if u have luck it’s gonna Work for 20h2 and 21h2

Make sure to join the developer, AntiCheese’s Discord Server for latest news as well for troubleshooting:

fortnite bigc cheat

How to Stay Undetected | Fortnite BigC Cheat

Now we all know that free cheats for games that use decent anti-cheats such as EAC (Easy Anti Cheat) or BE (BattleEye) can get detected quite fast. But what makes this cheat especially special is that it uses cheat structure that you would normally only see on paid cheats for Fortnite. On top of that the developer has promised future updates and recommends specific settings for users like you to use in order to stay extra safe while playing with Fortnite BigC Cheat

  • Make sure that you aren’t already banned from Fortnite
  • Make sure that the game is running on EAC and not BE
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the cheat from our website
  • Apply the settings to your cheat provided below:

fortnite bigc cheat

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Comments (57)

Popular Comments
  1. 124781

    im getting 4 different dll errors when i try dragging the driver into the mapper
    MSVCP140D.dll VCRUNTIME140D.dll VCRUNTIME140_1D.dll and ucrtbased.dll

  1. 188252

    the cheat does not work it does not pop up when i inject it

  2. 183777

    does nothing still

  3. 183777

    just does nothing

  4. 105181

    I open it and start fortnite but it happens nothing

  5. 186620

    i only have a bigc fortnite.exe file no mapper here

  6. 98249

    I did everything according to the instructions esp does not work as well as aim

  7. 186388

    how to force eac … mine always open up with battle eye …. any way to run EAC?

  8. 129161

    whenever I paste the ad link to download it the ad link doesn’t work

  9. 185731

    Aimbot not work?? Why???

  10. 185858

    does it work on AMD win11 22000 ?

  11. 185817

    Detected but if you only use ESP its undetected got banned but idc

  12. 185731

    Work on Windows 1809???

  13. 177636

    detected and the aimbot is bugged

  14. 185717

    its just serversited so gui pops up nothing works tho lo

  15. 185717

    its just serversited so gui pops up nothing works tho lol

  16. 185716

    its not working for me

    • 68189

      Make sure you follow all the instructions properly. If it still doesn’t work then you’ll probably have to downgrade your windows version to 1909 or 2004.

  17. 183777

    Got it working but the aimbot is buged

  18. 185682

    after installing all the dll’s from dll site i still get Error 0xc00007b when trying to drag the driver to the mapper please help

  19. 183777

    how do you make fortnite run using eac?

  20. 185677

    detected just got banned

  21. 185442

    Four .dll errors, anyone have a fix?

  22. 96967

    doesn’t work because off ucrtbase.dll missing and i tried 3 different methods but none works Any one know how too fix please Thank you!

  23. 14859

    how to force launch fortnite on eac

  24. 11185

    doesn’t work for me, the aimassist

  25. 185540

    I keep getting a dll error when I open mapper

  26. 183561

    i didn’t get any error but nothing work, only the crossair work

  27. 57719

    same errors, help

  28. 57719

    same errors, antivirus disabled btw…

  29. 68189

    Nice one! Works perfectly

  30. 124781

    im getting 4 different dll errors when i try dragging the driver into the mapper
    MSVCP140D.dll VCRUNTIME140D.dll VCRUNTIME140_1D.dll and ucrtbased.dll

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