FREE AMONG US HACK – [email protected] MODE


 Version: 20210310

 Developers: Alizer

Hello dear cheatermad members, this cheat was made by alizer for among us. In fact, we cannot say 1 cheat, there is more than one cheat in it. That’s why it’s one of the most popular among us cheats. However, most players are banned from the game while using this cheat. The main reason for this is that they are not using the current version. With Cheatermad, use the updated version and do not get banned from the game!


Too tired of playing 10 people, come on then check out more than 10 cheaters and check out a different adventure with 50 others! This cheat is one of the best cheats among us you will ever see. There are 2 reasons why it is the best and the most popular. The first is that it is constantly updated, the second is that it is completely free FREE AMONG US HACK!

How to Use Free Among US Hack;

  1. Download Rar from
  2. Open it and move the folder inside to desktop
  3. Run the exe in the folder you put on your desktop.
  4. Have fun 🙂


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