Free Apex Legends and COD Warzone Spoofer 2021


 Version: 14.08.2021

 Developers: pasedi5

Guys, this Free Apex Legends and COD Warzone Spoofer 2021 is a great spoofer. which supports many games, is completely free. You can safely use this Free Apex Legends and COD Warzone Spoofer 2021, which you can download for free from our cheatermad website and recommend it to your friends.
With this spoofer you can use it to hide your computer identity in all the cheats you do in Apex Legends. It is a free spoofer valid not only for Apex Legend cheats, COD Warzone cheats and Fortnite cheats. I want to tell you how to use this awesome free Spoofer, What are its Features and what are the instructions.

For the Free Apex Legends and COD Warzone Spoofer 2021 you need to:

  1. In order for spoofer to work you must install this:
  2. Download winrar file from our website
  3. Extract the file from rar ( Password 123 or Cheatermad)
  4. Run your cheat ( Apex legends cheat , Warzone cheat or Fortine cheat)
  5. Run Free Spoofer 2021
  6. Run Game ( Apex legends , Cod Warzone or Fortine )

free spoofer



How to use for Free Apex Legends and COD Warzone Spoofer 2021 :

I talked about this a little bit above, but it may differ for each cheat. so the priority is to follow the above steps however, after starting Warzone, if you get a message like “Your computer seems to have changed since the last time you ran it…”, you know the spoofer is working.
Start your Apex Legend game and start using the Spoofer. This Free Spoofer is a spoofer that will keep some important credentials on your computer hidden from Apex legend game and prevent you from getting hardware ban on your computer.It has almost the same user guide in Fortnite. this Spoofer only applies to Fortnite , Apex Legends and COD Warzone.

I suggest you a Cod warzone wallhack, Esp hack, again made by this Spoofer developer:


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