Free Apex Legends Hack AimBot-ESP-Recoil + Cource Code

free apex legends best hack download undetected 2021

 Last Version: 09/08/2021

 Developers: BaconToaster#6969

Free Apex Legends Hack Download UNDETECTED 2021

Hello ! I know you are looking for Free Apex Legends Hack Download UNDETECTED 2021. Here is a UNDETECTED and 2021 Latest Apex Legends Hack ! I’m with you again with the perfect Apex Legend Hack. Endless thanks to the Developer BaconToaster for this new Apex Legends Cheat.

You will be able to play the game Apex Legends with great advantage using this cheat. There is a smooth aimbot that will improve your shooting and make it more accurate, as well as the ESPGlow & ItemGlow functions – these two functions will add glow to your enemies and things on the map, thereby making them visible through the textures.

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Apex Legends Best Hack Features:

  • Customizable Aimlock
  • Customizable ESP
  • Customizable Recoil Control System
  • AimBot
  • ESP
  • Rainbow
  • Rainbow Speed
  • Head Circle
  • ESP Box
  • and More Features

How to Use Apex Legends Cheat ?

  1. make sure apex is closed
  2. start the exe file (not kdmapper)
  3. wait for it to tell you to start apex
  4. start apex
  5. after you started it before apex once, you can start it when apex is open
  6. Menu Open : INSERT



DEVELOPER NOTE FOR Apex Legends Cheat:

It’s me again and I made a new cheat for Apex and I wanna share it with you.
Don’t use aimbot, the apex server ac detects it and since this is public now it won’t be undetected for long
The Driver is using a simple .text hook but I didn’t get any ban with it yet

Github Open source code :


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  1. tout fonctionne niquel après plusieurs teste

    désactiver votre anti virus

    Alors si vous avez steam ou origin ferme les 2 et ouvrer le apex.exe
    ouvrer l’application quand il dit open apex
    Surtout ne pas utiliser le Aimbot car pour l’instant c’est des ligne de text
    Vous ne pourrez pas l’utiliser en battle royal mais en arène il fonctionne parfaitement
    Ne pas trop en abuser sinon risque de ban au bout de 3 jours a 5 jours

    1. pour moi rienne marche je voie que le mode menue mais rien marche possible tu m’ajoute et tu m’explique Macapi#1646

  2.  [] Loading driver..
    [<] Loading vulnerable driver
    [+] NtLoadDriver Status 0xc000009a
    [-] Failed to register and start service for the vulnerable driver
    [-] Failed to load driver iqvw64e.sys
    [<] Unloading vulnerable driver
    [+] NtUnloadDriver Status 0xc0000034
    [-] Driver Unload Failed!!
    [+] Vul driver data destroyed before unlink

    how to fix this

  3. just a black screen with a cheat menu but i cant get normal apex screen im on borderless and everything can anyone help

    1. Its because of the apex update, just wait to the developer releases a new version, or if not just find another apex cheat

    1. Make sure orgin process is exited
    2. Then start the exe file that is not Kdmapper
    3. when the application says “start apex” your done
    4. key = insert ( Borderless Window )
  4. hey, fist of all thanks for the cheat. But in a game of arena, it seems that the aimbot work on only one ennemy. Moreover, the overlay that show the location of ennemy and the aimbot fov don’t work in game and i can see it when i’m not on the window of apex. But Yeah the aimbot work, these only these few issues. Thanks man

        1. Make sure orgin process is exited
        2. Then start the exe file that is not Kdmapper
        3. when the application says “start apex” your done
        4. key = insert ( Borderless Window )
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