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Free Battlefront 2 Cheat Pack 2.0 | Battlefront II Hack

UNDETECTED Free Battlefront 2 Cheat Pack

 Last Version: 05/05/2023

 Developers: Redlanes777 / wildne

I am currently in the process of uploading the most recent version of the Ultimate Free Battlefront 2 Cheat Pack. I have personally only tested for a couple games, As a form of retaliation for EA’s persistent use of takedown notices, no problem and no bans. So it’s pretty safe i think, but haven’t tested/used for a long time so its set to “Use at own risk”

Features of Free Battlefront 2 Cheat Pack

  • Hero Debug menu
  • Semi-God mode
  • Server lag
  • Force immunity
  • GA Objective manipulation
  • Teleports, KillAll
  • Benchmark Cinematic
  • Patched detected features (FairFight)
  • Major fixes and improvements
  • TheNoobMaster chat propaganda
  • And much more…

How to use Free Battlefront 2 Cheat Pack

  1. Extract the free cheat file from the download
  2. Start battlefront 2
  3. Window Borderless or windowed mode, 3rd person view when playing
  4. Start the “SWBFII MeowX.exe” file
  5. Done

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Comments (5)

  1. 412029

    Man this the replacer not the main it doesnt even work without the main mod

  2. 334803

    In the first game of heroes vs villains, I got a permanent ban after 1.5 minutes…

  3. 15388

    the cheat is external

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