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Free CS2 Ninja Cheat | ESP Hack for Counter-Strike 2

UNDETECTED Free CS2 Ninja Cheat

 Last Version: 06/04/2024

 Developers: Bebra81

Free CS2 Ninja Cheat is the brand new wallhack software for the latest CS game, Counter-Strike 2. With its simplicity, and easy-to-useness, you can immediately get started using this hack, see all your enemies behind walls and all sorts of objects, and become one of the best players in the game while staying undetected and safe from the game’s anti-cheat.

About the Free CS2 Ninja Cheat

If you have never used a free hack in Counter-Strike 2 before, let me begin by telling you that it is an extremely easy process to download and use the hack simply by following the instructions that we have prepared for you below. And if you are looking for short list of what this cheat offers and which features you can enable in the menu, here is a rundown for you.

  • Wallhack: just as explained above, this lets you see and read the information about your enemies on your screen. While using this, make sure you do not look directly at walls so that it is not obvious that you are cheating
  • Box: A sub-function of wallhack, that draws a box around each enemy, making it easy to both recognize them and also understand the distance between you two as the box gets smaller as the enemy gets farther away from you
  • Three Dementional Box: A mode of the box mentioned above, which is now drawn in 3D, looks aesthetically better and is also more realistic as the enemy itself is drawn as a 3D model as well

free cs2 ninja cheat

How to Use the Free CS2 Ninja Cheat

  1. Before anything, download the Free CS2 Ninja Cheat from the button you can find below
  2. Once it is downloaded, extract the files into a folder of your choice
  3. Among all the extracted files, you will find a file called cheat.dll
  4. Launch CS2
  5. Inject the .dll file into the game using any injector that you want
  6. Toggle the menu ON and OFF by pressing INSERT or FN+INS.
  7. Enjoy climbing ranks

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