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Free CS2 Valthrun Cheat – ESP, Triggerbot and Bomb Info

UNDETECTED Free CS2 Valthrun Cheat

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: WolverinDEV

An open-source, external, read-only kernel gameplay enhancer Free CS2 Valthrun Cheat is a mod for the game. There are a lot of terms that may be used to describe anything, but what does each one mean?

The CS2 Valthrun Cheat Open Source is the name of this particular project. This Counter-Strike Hack source code is available to the public, and it may be studied by anybody external. No DDLs are introduced into the target process by our company.

The sequel to Counter-StrikeRead-only access will be added to the game we’re improving. Since we do not write to the CS2 process in any way, it is impossible for us to be discovered using scanning techniques on the process memory. Nut’s coreFor the purpose of extracting information from the CS2 process, we do not make use of any user-level WinAPIs.

free cs2 valthrun cheat

This project is mostly meant to serve as a fun demonstration of how Rust can be used to explore the Windows Kernel as well as the realm of game enhancements:)

Features of Free CS2 Valthrun Cheat

Free CS2 Valthrun Cheat gives you access to a wide selection of third-party tools, which can enhance the way you play the game. As of right moment, Free CS2 Valthrun Cheat never writes anything down but instead simply reads memory.

This means that there are certain restrictions placed on the features that might be given. An example of this would be a skin changer, which is not going to be achievable unless the state of the CS2 game is actively modified (for example, by writing into its memory).

Regardless of this limitation, Valthrun supports the following features:

  • Player ESP Two modes are supported: Skeleton and Boxes
    • Configurable colors to distinguish between enemy and team players
  • Bomb Info
    • Time until the bomb detonation
    • Defuser info such as how long until the defuse has succeeded
    • Bomb site where the bomb is located
  • Trigger Bot

To access CS2 Valthrun Cheat settings overlay press PAUSE.

Planned Features:

  • Aim Bot
  • Spectator info
    • List of player currently watching you / the observer target
  • Player competitive ranks / wins (I don’t have access to the closed beta… so this has to wait a little)

Installation of Free CS2 Valthrun Cheat

  1. Valthrun does not need to be installed.
  2. In order to run Free CS2 Valthrun Cheat you only need the kernel driver (valthrun-driver.sys) and the controller (controller.exe).
  3. Both can be accquired by downloading the precompiled release from cheatermad.com.
  4. Once downloaded read How to use to get started!

Supported Windows Versions

Because all methods and struct offsets are resolved dynamically, it should be possible to support all recently released versions of Windows.

If you run into a problem, please report it with specific information about the error you’re seeing and the version of Windows you’re using.


You can find help on the official Valthrun Discord server: Click Here

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  1. 502477

    i turn on controller cheat and he type: (kernel interface unavailable: the system cannot find the file specifited)

  2. 502477

    i run controller and he got error dont work !!!!!!!

  3. 502477

    i installed the cheat but i dont know run the cheat and open how to run bro ?

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