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Free CSGO External Cheat with Aimbot | No Red Trust Factor

OUTDATED Free CSGO External Cheat

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: 13sui37

Free CSGO External Cheat is a Free to Download Aimbot Hack for Counter Strike Global Offensive with VAC Bypass that avoids detection

As you might know external Cheats and Hacks for CS:GO are already all undetected since they do not interact with the game’s memory and on top of that this cheat also has a function that bypasses Valve its own anti cheat Valve Anti Cheat (VAC) making it pretty much impossible to be detected but keep in mind that you can still get overwatch banned.

With the combination of csgo hack features like Aimbot, it is pretty much impossible for a cheater to lose any match as the function the cheat offers are just way too overpowered to win against. I would also recommend the triggerbot function since it can provide some extra advantage on top of what I have said so far.

external aimbot 1

How to Use Free CSGO External Cheat

Free CSGO External Cheat generally is quite fairly simple essentially cheat to use as it is just an executable basically file which is required to run after starting CS:GO.
So, just kind of follow these actually easy steps that I prepared for you and you should be kind of ready to use the hack:

  1. Download Free CSGO External Cheat by clicking on the download button down below
  2. Extract the executable file ending with the .exe extension and put it into folder of your choice
  3. Start Counter Strike: Global Offensive via Steam
  4. Open the directory where you have copy pasted the cheat itself
  5. Start the Aimbot.exe
  6. Settings.cfg file should be generated
  7. Make your settings for every weapon
  8. Press F9 to reload the config
  9. You have to copy and paste these 2 commands into your csgo ingame console:
    • m_rawinput 1
    • m_customaccel 0
  10. Press the appropriate keybinds in order to activate the features
  11. Have fun reaching global!

Free CSGO External Cheat Features

  • Aimbot – (1 = On / 0 = Off)
  • Key – The key that must be pressed for the Aimbot to become active Virtual-Key Codes
  • FOV – Field Of View (0.1 – 39)
  • Bone – The Bone to aim at Bones
  • Smooth – Smoothed aim move. The higher the value, the lower the aim speed
  • RCS – Recoil Control System + Standalone RCS (1 = On / 0 = Off)



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    hi .why so hard to find link to download ?

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    get red trustfactor after injection so is sh*t title

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    hi do you have an config or some preseted settings for legit?

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    Great cheat. I love it. Thank you for sharing. Thank you very much.

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