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Free Devour Cheat (+ Teleport)

OUTDATED Free Devour Cheat

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: ar3emis

Hello, I would like to present you this incredible cheat from devour. This cheat is a menu that fits all devour maps! This cheat should not require many updates, because it connects via class, function and variable name, not via offsets and pointers. Works in multiplayer too! The game doesn’t contain any anti cheat yet, so you have no chance to get banned.

free devour hack

How to Use Free Devour Cheat

  1. To start you will need melonloader (it is already integrated in the hack file)
  2. Launch Devour, wait for melonloader to load and once the game is launched close the game.
  3. Put DevourCheat.dll in the mods file of devour.
  4. Launch the game
  5. Have fun !
  • To show the menu press “insert”.
  • To hide the state press “delete”.

ChangeLogs for Free Devour Cheat:

Here are the fixes for the update:

Anna doesn’t move anymore after teleportation , esp not displayed If you have an infinite loader after installing melon loader you have to follow these steps:

  1. Run melon loader select your game and put “uninstall
  2. reinstall melon loader by selecting the version “v.0.4.3” and uncheck the “lasted” box
  3. remete the dll in the mods file of devour
  4. launch your game. If you have any problem,
  5. I’ll be at your disposal in the chat or on my discord

For any help about the Free Devour Cheat I would be happy to help you here ar3emis#8996

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  1. 31531

    uninstall melon loader and reinstall it.
    then launch the game WITHOUT CHEAT
    once the game is running close the game
    put the cheat on the devour mods file
    then run the game.

  1. 184921

    Would be much appreciated if ar3emis could upload his version of the mod, it has teleport functions and saves a lot of time with the ritual items.

  2. 184928

    Can’t seem to get working either. crash and error code

  3. 152598


    [Fail] [Program] Waiting for you to press enter – feel free to copy the error…

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