FREE GTA 5 HACK – pHake GTA 5 External Mod Menu 2021



 Developers: Burito3

Hello dear cheatermad members, in this article I will show you the pHake GTA 5 External Mod . I don’t care much about gta 5 cheats but this cheat really caught me. It does not look like the other stolen mod menus. I still do not understand the monetization feature of these GTA 5 cheats. Is it earned with just 1 code or is it collecting coins with a clone in the game. Yeah it looks ridiculous of course also xD with code

Latest Features of the pHake GTA 5 External Mod;

  • Godmode
  • Never Wanted
  • Fly
  • Teleport
  • And More!

How to use pHake GTA 5 External Mod?

  • Download the File Below!
  • Run the .exe as Admin.
  • Set game to fullscreen windowed.
  • Done! Press ALT For menu.


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