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Free Hack for Paladins Multihack – Esp, Aimbot, Miscs 2021 [Update]

OUTDATED Free Hack for Paladins Multihack - Esp, Aimbot, Miscs 2021 [Update]

 Last Version: 22/09/2021

 Developers: Zigfly

Free Hack for Paladins Multihack – Esp, Aimbot, Miscs [Update]

This Free Hack for Paladins is a fully working external and undetected cheat for Paladins with great mod features like Aimbot, ESP, Wallhack

More About Free Hack for Paladin

With this very recently updated external cheat for Paladins, you can turn on extremely useful hack features including, ESP / Wallhack and some other ones that I will also be explaining down below.

With Wallhack a.k.a ESP the hack draws info about the enemy player on your screen and lets you see the enemies and plan your ambush behind any type of wall or any sort of object. There are many sorts and types of ESP that you can find in different cheats. For example in a more expanded cheat, you will probably find features that show more info about the enemy and his status. This could be his weapon, his ammo or even his health. But like I said this depends on the cheat’s level of developement and the game itself.

paladins: champions of the realm screenshots image #8983 - xboxone-hq.com

But how about aimbot? Well, aimbot is usually a one-sided cheat feature which pretty much does the same action in almost any type hack which is also like that in the Free Hack for Paladins. And this function is aiming on the enemy. Some hacks will let you select the body part you want the hack to aim on but that kind of a rare case that you will probably only see on games like CS:GO and so on. Usually it’s just aiming on the head which is actually already perfect if your only goal is to defeat the enemy and win the match as soon as possible.

Developer Notes 

Although there are so many features, you can change all the features in the cheat. Moreover, if you do not reveal your hack in the game, there is no possibility of you being banned!

Important note: If you crash, please disable ESP everytime you start another match. And enable it only when you are in the match Free Hack for Paladins!

access denied

Here is a list of features that this hack has:


  • Aimbot key
  • Aimbot FOV


  • Box ESP
  • Name ESP
  • Line ESP
  • Health ESP


  • Speedhack
  • No spread
  • No recoil
  • Third person
  • FOV Slider


  • Random crashes in games
  • Paladins special injector added in download link.

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Q&A Free Hack for Paladins:

Q:Is the cheat legit?
A: Yes.

Q:Is the cheat detected ?
A: No, not for now.

Q:Can I get HWID or Account banned?
A: You could get banned IF and only IF Hirez sig the DLL on EAC, which means the people using the cheat after that will get HWID banned. Other bans are mostly manual.

Q:Will you update the cheat when it get sigged?
A: Yes.

Q:Will you make a spoofer to play more safely ?
A: Probably. For now you can use any HWID spoofer available for free.


Winrar Password: 123

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  1. 122168

    very good cheat

  1. 181158

    Çalışmıyor (:

  2. 122168

    i think it doesnt work anymore

  3. 130499

    it does not have speed hack

  4. 130499

    its asking for a password when i try to unzip it

  5. 122168

    very good cheat

  6. 111586

    it sas failed to optain service manager

  7. 80401

    fix your aimbot,it suck

  8. 99718

    which button to activate the cheat in the game?

  9. 80401

    sometime aimbot doesn’t work

  10. 93963

    the new one odd bc you put it to 1.000 smothness its trash but when you put it yo 0.100 its good lol

  11. 1

    Cheat Working for me

  12. 93963

    you can go 3 person without the hack just press random keys

  13. 69875

    How do i change it from right click for aimbot and how do i turn of third person because it sucks

  14. 56724

    No good I started the Cheat and the CMD came up and I got “Driver initilize…”, Driver Initilize Error”. please give me a solution… Thank you…

  15. 7021

    how do i close the menu and open it when in a tdm

  16. 16597

    game crash when i inject

  17. 16597

    i will try it now and see

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