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Free ICARUS Cheat | Icarus Minimal


 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: fuckstick101

Free ICARUS Cheat is the first Hack released for the new game ICARUS that has some great features including ESP and many more

With functions such as having infimtie health as well as infinite stamina, playing ICARUS will be a thousand times more easier and fun since you won’t have to be stuck at stuff like worrying about whether you have enough stamina or not. On top of that this Free ICARUS Cheat, which can be downloaded on our website, has a teleport function that teleports you back to DropShip

Icarus is a session-based survival game for up to 8 co-op or solo players, in which the majority of the action takes place during timed missions. Players take tasks aboard a space station circling the globe then descend to the planet’s landscape to complete them. The drop-pod returns to the station after a mission timer expires. If the player does not return in time, their character’s body will be left on the ground, and their progress will be lost.


Players must obtain resources such as oxygen, food, and water while on the surface, as well as seek or build refuge from the dangerous environment. Players have health and stamina bars that may be reduced by receiving damage or doing chores such as mining.

Free ICARUS Cheat | Features

  • Dank Fish ESP
  • Animal ESP
  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Fast Land
  • Teleport back to DropShip
  • Set Level
  • Auto Complete Mission

Developer Notes

Credits to @RiceCum1 for helping with more than I can list here.

Animal names might be bugged for some if they are let me know. I did it in a very ghetto way and might of not logged all of them.

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