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Free Inside The Backrooms Cheat | ESP, Fly Hack & More

UNDETECTED Free Inside The Backrooms Cheat

 Last Version: 10/11/2022

 Developers: Harlie Sullivan

Free Inside The Backrooms Cheat is an extensive Hack for the the very fun and exciting singleplayer and co-op backrooms game on Steam, which is inspired by the meme and has been out for a couple of months now. The amount of hack features that this software contains is very impressive, which includes many ESP options as well as Fly Hack.

The developer of this cheat has developed cheats for other games such as the Phasmophobia BepInEx Mod that we have on the website. It is quite easy to use and safer than most of the Hacks for Inside the Backrooms that you would find on other websites, as this is not a DLL or an executable file.

And if you would like to know the game Inside the Backrooms a little better, this is also a great chance to do so as you can start your journey with this Free Inside The Backrooms Cheat. The goal of the game is to explore the backrooms with either yourself alone or with others, which makes it a horror game.

free inside the backrooms cheat

Free Inside The Backrooms Cheat Features

  • Door ESP
  • Monster ESP
  • Player ESP
  • Elevator ESP
  • Fly hack
  • AI State Changer
  • Item Spawner
  • and more

Free Inside The Backrooms Cheat | Installation & Usage


  1. Download the latest rar file from the download button below
  2. Copy all of the files inside the rar to your Inside The Backrooms Game folder
  3. Run Inside The Backrooms through Steam
  4. A log-in window will pop up
  5. Click register and register there
  6. And click play
  7. Boom enjoy!


  • Press Insert to open or hide the menu
  • Press Left-Alt to select an object
  • to fly just hold R while walking


This is a simple CT I just created. In fact, this is my first CT I ever created. So I’m not quite sure if this works for others. This CT only features Health and Stamina for Game Version 0.2.0b on Steam.

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