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Free Internal Lethal Company Cheat | ESP, Infinite Stamina & More

UNDETECTED Free Internal Lethal Company Cheat

 Last Version: 29/01/2024

 Developers: UrbanaJoker / waxxyTF2

If you’re looking for a way to get an advantage in Lethal Company, you will definitely be interested in the free internal Lethal Company cheat that can give you access to various features and functions that can enhance your gameplay.

What is a Free Internal Lethal Company Cheat and What Can It Do?

If you did not know a free internal Lethal Company cheat is a software program that can modify the game’s code and data to give you access to features and functions that are not normally available or allowed in the game. These features and functions can help you improve your performance, your experience, and your enjoyment of the game.

Ome of the features and functions that a free internal Lethal Company cheat can provide ESP which stands for Extra Sensory Perception, and it allows you to see information that is normally hidden or obscured, such as the location, health, and name of enemies, players, items, and more. This can help you avoid traps, hazards, and monsters, and find the best loot and the most profitable scrap.

On top of that we have misc features suc has godmode which makes you invincible, meaning that you cannot take any damage or die from any source. This can help you survive any situation and complete any mission, regardless of the difficulty or the danger. These are just some of the features and functions that a free internal Lethal Company cheat can offer. There will also be more, depending on the upcoming development.

free internal lethal company cheat

Free Internal Lethal Company Cheat Features

  • Self
  • Misc
  • ESP
  • Players
  • Graphics
  • Cheats

  • God Mode: Prevents you from taking any damage.
  • Infinite Stamina: Prevents you from losing any stamina.
  • Infinite Charge: Prevents your items from losing any charge.
  • Infinite Zap Gun: Infinitely stuns enemies with the zap-gun.
  • Infinite Shotgun Ammo: Prevents you from ever running out of shotgun ammo.
  • Night Vision: Allows you to see in the dark.
  • Interact Through Walls: Allows you to interact with everything through walls (grab items, open doors, etc).
  • No Grab Distance Limit: Allows you to interact with anything no matter the distance.
  • One Hand All Objects: Allows you to one-hand any two-handed object so you can carry multiple two-handed objects.
  • Disable Interact Cooldowns: Disables all interact cooldowns (e.g., noisemakers, toilets, etc).
  • Instant Interactions: Makes all hold interactions instantaneous.
  • Place Anywhere: Place objects from the ship anywhere you want, including outside of the ship. Where did their terminal go???
  • Taunt Slide: Allows you to emote and walk/jump at the same time.
  • Fast Ladder Climbing: Almost instantly climbs up ladders.
  • Hear Everyone: Allows you to hear everyone no matter how far away they are.
  • Charge Any Item: Allows you to put any grabbable item in the charger. No real effect on the item, it’s just for shits n giggles.
  • Adjust Walk Speed: Allows you to modify your walk speed.
  • Adjust Sprint Speed: Allows you to modify your sprint speed.
  • Respawn: Respawns you. (Note: you will be invisible to all players/enemies after respawn but you will be able to do anything you would do normally.)

  • No More Credits: Prevents your group from receiving any credits. (Doesn’t apply to quota)
  • Sensitive Landmines: Automatically detonates landmines when a player is in kill range.
  • All Jetpacks Explode: When a player tries to equip a jetpack they will be greeted with an explosion.
  • Light Show: Rapidly turns on/off the light switch and TV.
  • Give Credits: Give your group however many credits you want. (Doesn’t apply to quota)
  • Set Quota: Allows you to set the quota. (Host only)
  • Start Server: Lands the ship.
  • Stop Server: Ship will leave the planet it’s currently on.
  • Unlock All Doors: Unlocks all locked doors.
  • Explode All Mines: Explodes every single mine on the level.
  • Kill All Enemies: Kills all enemies.
  • Delete All Enemies: Deletes all enemies.
  • Attack Players at Deposit Desk: Forces the tentacle monster to attack, killing a nearby player.

  • Items
  • Enemies
  • Players
  • Ships
  • Doors
  • Steam Hazards
  • Landmines
  • Turrets
  • Display Health: Displays players’ health.
  • Display Value: Displays items’ value.
  • Display Distance: Displays the distance between you and the entity.

  • Demigod: Automatically regens players’ health if they take any damage.
  • Kill: Kills the selected player.
  • Teleport To: Teleports you to selected player.
  • Damage: Damages the selected player for however much you want.
  • Heal: Heals the selected player for however much you want. (This calls the DamagePlayerFromOtherClientServerRpc function and therefore it will appear as if the player took damage on their screen)
  • Steam Profile: Opens the selected player’s steam profile on the steam web browser.

  • Disable Fog: Disables in-game fog.
  • Disable Depth of Field: Disables Depth of Field.

  • Crosshair: A circular crosshair with an outline.
  • Display Group Credits: Shows you the group’s current credits.
  • Display Quota: Shows you the current quota. (Fulfilled/Total)
  • Display Days Left: Shows you how many days you have to fulfill quota.
  • Centered Indicators: Centers the indicators listed above directly below your crosshair/center of your screen.
  • Dead Player List: Lists currently dead players in the top left/below the watermark.
  • Color Customization: Customize colors for all entity types, watermark, dead player list, etc.
  • Config System: The cheat will automatically save/load settings.

How to Install the Free Internal Lethal Company Cheat

  1. Download the hack from the download button you can click on right below this article
  2. Once you are on the download page, click on download to save it on your PC
  3. Extract the files into a folder of your choice
  4. While Lethal Company is running run “inject.bat” file
  5. Use the menu keybind “Insert [INS]” to show the menu
  6. Enjoy and have fun!

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