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 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Danielkrupinski

All you need to know about this OSIRIS CSGO HACK – BEST FREE CSGO CHEAT is that it runs all functions as soon as it is posted on our website, you can edit and configure absolutely any function via the cheat menu called add key. It also gives you the advantage to have a setting that allows you to change the menu completely in the OSIRIS CSGO HACK – BEST FREE CSGO CHEAT and a lot of options although it is free. If you don’t like the cheat, you can use other cs: go cheats on our site!


OSIRIS is one of the best free CS:GO Cheats that has managed to stay UNDETECTED. The most powerful and versatile CSGO hacks going on give you a chance to gain an advantage by changing many aspects of the game,It comes with features like OSIRIS, AimBot and Wallhack and many more.osiris csgo hack


  1. Extract the RAR file from anywhere
  2. Open csgo 
  3. Open csgoinjector.exe and type “Osiris” 
  4. Press add to show/show menu
  5. Enjoy
  6. If you need support, you can join our Discord server by clicking here



  • Aimbot – aim assist
  • Active – on/off the main switch
  • Mute – aimbot is not visible on your screen (client-side only)
  • Friendly fire – treat allies like enemies
  • Visible only – aim at visible players only
  • In scope only – aimbot only works when using binoculars (applies to sniper rifles only)
  • Ignore flash – ignore flash firing, so aim when local player shines
  • Ignore the smoke – ignore the smoke so aim when the target is in the smoke
  • Autofire – shoot automatically when the target is found
  • Recoil based fov – aimbot uses recoil as fov origin
  • Fov – field of view where aimbot is operating [0-255]
  • Max angle delta – maximum image angles per tick vary
  • Smooth – smooth aimbot motion to look more human
  • Bone – the bone the aimbot is targeting
  • Kickback control x – horizontal rebound control factor
  • Kickback control y – vertical kickback control factor
  • Triggerbot – fires automatically when the crosshair is on the enemy
  • Active – on/off the main switch
  • Key [key] – triggerbot only works when the selected key is held
  • Friendly fire – treat allies like enemies
  • Scoped only – triggerbot only works while using a scope (only for sniper rifles)
  • Ignore the flash – ignore the flash firing, so shoot when the local player shines
  • Ignore the smoke – ignore the smoke i.e. shoot while the target is in the smoke
  • Hitgroup – body parts the triggerbot works with
  • Shot delay – delay time in ms (milliseconds)
  • Backtrack – abuse of delay compensation to move players back in time
  • Active – on/off the main switch
  • Ignore the smoke – ignore the smoke i.e. the return when the target is in the smoke
  • Time limit – limit the trackback interval [1-200 ms]
  • Glow – create a glow effect on assets
  • Active – on/off the main switch

osiris csgo hack

  • Based on health – color depends on the hp of the player
  • Thickness – outline thickness
  • Alpha – outline alpha
  • Style – glitter style [0-3]
  • Allies – shining allied assets
  • Enemies – polish enemy assets
  • Weapons – shining weapons
  • C4 – left glow C4 explosive
  • Planted C4 – glow planted a bomb
  • Chickens – Glow Chicken Entities
  • Chams – color player models to increase visibility
  • Active – on/off the main switch
  • Based on health – color depends on the hp of the player
  • Alpha – material transparency
  • Material – material applied to the model
  • Wireframe – create a triangular mesh instead of solid material
  • Allies – allies on / off and color applied to them
  • Visible allies – visible allies on / off and allies with color applied to them
  • Enemies – enemies on / off and color applied to them
  • Visible enemies – visible enemies on / off and color applied to them
  • Weapons – view model weapon cavities on / off and color applied to them
  • Hands – view model hands-on/off beams and color applied to them
  • Esp – shows information about the player position
  • Active – on/off the main switch
  • Instant lines – draw instant lines to players
  • Box – draw a 2D box on the player model
  • Name – draw a player name
  • Head point – draw point per player
  • Visuals – a variety of visual options
  • Disable post-processing – Disable post-processing effects to increase FPS
  • Inverted ragdoll gravity – reverse gravity acceleration on the falling player ragdoll corpse (during the death sequence)
  • No fog – remove fog from the map for better visibility
  • No 3D sky – remove the 3D skybox from the map – Increase FPS
  • No visual recoil – remove visual recoil punch effect OSIRIS CSGO HACK
  • No hands – raise arms/hands from a first-person view
  • No sleeves – remove the sleeved model from the first-person view
  • No weapon – remove the weapon model from the first-person view
  • No smoke – remove smoke bomb effect
  • No blur – remove blur
  • No coverage overlay – remove black overlay when scoping
  • Wireframe smoke – creates smoke skeleton instead of particle effect

osiris csgo hack

  • Flash reduction – reduces flash firing bomb effect [0 – 100%] (0 – full flash, 100 – no flash)
  • View model FOV – change view model FOV [-60-0-60] (0 – actual view model, negative values – minimized view
  • model, positive values – augmented view model)
  • Brightness – control game brightness [0.0-1.0]
  • Skybox – change the sky (box)
  • Earth color – set the earth material ambient light color
  • Miscellaneous – various features
  • Automatic penalty – an automatic penalty in the air after mouse movement
  • Bunny hop – automatically simulate pressing/releasing the spacebar while holding the skip button; increases movement
  • speed
  • Clan tag – set custom clan tag
  • Animated clan tag – animated clan tag
  • Quick duck – remove the crouch delay
  • Sniper crosshair – draw the crosshair while holding the sniper rifle
  • Recoil crosshair – the crosshair follows the rebound pattern
  • Automatic pistol – fire guns such as automatic rifles
  • Auto reload – auto reload if the weapon has a blank clip
  • Auto accept – automatically accept the competitive match
  • Radar hack – show enemy locations on the radar
  • Reveal the ranks – show player ranks on the leaderboard in competitive modes
  • Spectator list – show nicknames of players watching you
  • Watermark – show the cheat name in the upper left corner of the screen and fps & ping in the upper right corner.
  • Fix animation LOD –
  • Config – configuration system based on binary serialization
  • Create config – create a new config file
  • Reset configuration – restore default configuration settings (does not touch saved configuration)
  • Load selected – load the selected configuration file
  • Save selected – save the selected configuration file
  • Delete selected – delete the selected configuration file

osiris csgo hack


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  1. 543759

    when i click download it send me to other websites help?

  2. 187082

    Best CS:GO cheat, but now we have to move on to CS2

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    For best free and paid undetected csgo cheat, check aworex.com

  4. 278253

    Hile bende yuklenmiyor. Sitede dosyaya ulasilamadi yaziyor. sorunun cozumunu bilen varmi?

  5. 421038

    Aimbot not working and not working including headlock hits pls fix 🙁

  6. 405065

    this is just selectfire but dif gui color

  7. 391716

    my injector says that the dll returns to NULL ( i use Extreme Injecotr V2)

  8. 272984

    çalışmıyor acil düzeltin.

  9. 187457

    im banned from 03/04/2023 and used madinjector

  10. 217599

    the download link is going to a hack for gta 5…

  11. 363764

    Le aim lock et le silent aim ne fonctionne pas…

  12. 348631

    Can someone tell me how to download it?

  13. 353413

    After clicking download, it jumps to Urlcut, but the download file cannot be found

  14. 123441

    good cheat but fix problem with trust factor because its decrease heavy trust even if i am using only inventory changer

  15. 280994

    where the file injector in new download update?

  16. 281900

    i cant fing exe file in the folder of OSIRIS

  17. 13277

    feedback to the dev: Aimbot is kinda bad, even after trying some diff cfgs. Improve aimbot slightly a bit in the next update. Performance wise it’s a good free cheat. Also, add an inventory unlocker when you’re in mm so you can change skins from the inventory. 8/10 for this cheat 👏 job well done Danielkrupinski.

  18. 246995

    Where’s the link to download the RAR file? anyone?

  19. 187785

    why is inventory changer a thing and you can get cases when they are temporary anyway and only until you close your game?

  20. 168702

    Game crashed by inject and leave matches, also doesnt work the inv

  21. 123441

    can you please fix inventory changer it’s not working since latest csgo update

  22. 189646

    bro i cant play the game after the dil is injected
    i choose the options i wan’t but then it dosen’t allow to to go into game also what is hide/show option for gui on laptops

  23. 157028

    Tt would be nice if you will add stattrak in inventory changer.

  24. 188440

    Hi the all cheaters and creators please reply me . Is this cheat has spin bot cheat ? I need it , thanks programmers and creators

  25. 186748

    Its an ok cheat ig, good for legit cheating def not hvh

  26. 183511

    i’ve tried all hack and it keep crashing once i got into the match
    it’s happen today :(( plz help

  27. 84658

    This cheat overall works pretty well. But you can get crashed if using inventory changer.

  28. 161805

    New update for the dll? got vac ban after 3-5 days = 6 accounts

  29. 26546

    I need help the site it takes me to to download doesnt work

  30. 159397

    Please reply to me , does osiris decrease trust factor ? because i have been only using skin changer and my trust factor went red for no reason

  31. 127810

    aimbot don’t work and triguerbot run like a trahs please improve this

  32. 121432

    me pide una contraseña para extraer el fixero de osiris…

  33. 45252

    osiris is always detected because of how popular it is.

  34. 24930

    wait for another update or u can directly compile it on github for now osiris doesn’t work

  35. 30742


  36. 21593

    why if i injecting and i can’t start mach to play but cheats at the up working

  37. 14881
    The very bad thing is that I can't find the parameters

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